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    Then we'll just buy the federation and create our own rules.
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    I dont think juventus are willing to sell

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    FI donations

    Dear FInteristi,

    How are you guys doing?

    As you surely have noticed, our forum has gone through considerable changes over the past week.

    We have bought the new vBulletin software to ensure that Forza Inter Forums uses the newest and best forum software there is. I know that right now, the colors, designs and features looks completely different compared to the old version but once again I'd like to remind you that this current style is a temporary fix as these are the colors that comes in default with the new software. It's will take some time but rest assured that it will eventually look like the old forum.

    We have also taken a radical step to move away from the previous free hosting which comes with advertisement. Now, we are privately hosted and are paying the server bills ourselves. Our goal is to make sure that our members enjoy the forum the way it has always been intended to be. It also has a lot to do with our pride. Surely we cannot accept any advertisement in the best and biggest forum of the European Champions!?

    Eventually, as far-fetched as it may sound, our long-term goal is to be recognized by our beloved club themselves. Be it to become an official Inter Club, or affiliated through or any other measures that haven't crossed our minds today.

    Obviously, all these came with a cost. We'll be perfectly open with the numbers. The vBulletin software cost us US$170 and the forum private server will cost us US$30 per month. I have paid for them both so far. However, if some of you old-timers remember, our forum expands greatly (there are about 800 posts a day in 2010 compared to 200-300 in 2004) and the server bills may grow much bigger than right now.

    Thus, it would greatly help me and the forum if we can secure the forum's financial security for the next year or so. So I'm asking for your help for some financial donations to the forums.

    To make it much simpler and less complicated, we'll only accept donations through PayPal or through mail but only via US Dollars. The PayPal ID is and if you want to mail your money, you can send it to:

    Name: Handoyo Sudarga
    Address: 9 Ardmore Park #12-01
    Country/State/Provice/City: Singapore
    ZIP/Postal code: 259955

    Please put the cash in between some papers or a greeting card or something because I've heard cases where mails are stolen when they can easily see that it's cash inside.

    I'll update you guys regularly with the forum's account so you can rest assured that I'm not gonna use your money for my own personal food bill or something.

    Jokes aside, if there are a lot of excess in our financial reserves, I can be creative such as buy an Inter jersey for the Prediction League winners (like I did a few years ago) or to the winner of the FI Oscars or for the FI Special ones or maybe design an FIF polo shirt and distribute it to the senior members, etc etc.

    When Inter won the Champions League 2 weeks ago and achieved the Triplete, we immediately set our own Treble goals. To get the best forum software, to be independently hosted and to give our forum financial security. We have achieved the first two, now let's complete it!

    If you have further questions, you can ask them in this thread or you can PM me.

    Forza FIF!