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15 Mar 12, 17:24
15 June 2005
Coppa Italia | Inter - Roma 1-0 (3-0 on aggregate)

22 April 2007
Scudetto | Siena - Inter 1-2

22 May 2010
Champions League | Bayern Munich - Inter 0-2

29 May 2011
Coppa Italia | Inter - Palermo 3-1

It started with a Coppa Italia, and it ended with a Coppa Italia. For 7 seasons in a row, Inter amassed 15 trophies and delivers delirium to all Interisti world wide. The non vincente mai motto that was stuck with us for years? Banished after 5 Scudetti, 4 Coppa Italia, 1 Champions League, 4 SuperCoppa Italia and 1 Club World Cup. Some matters more than others, some were won comfortably while others we had to wait until the very last day and one were won off the pitch. :P

From celebrating Coppa Italia 04/05, our first trophy since UEFA Cup 97/98, as if it was the World Cup; from crying after we won our first Scudetto against Siena for the first time in 16 years; from finally vanquishing the CL curse in Madrid; until last season when we won the consolation Coppa Italia after a comeback that promised so much but left us so little.

As we enter this new era of uncertainty, frustration and anger seeps through our mind because of how badly the club has been run lately. But let's take a step back and thank everyone, be it Moratti, Branca, the coaches, the janitors, for the joy and success that they have given us.

Supporting this club is much more than just success. That's why when Barca fans can brag about their latest Champions League, we will brag about how they will never know how it felt to win it after 45 years. How it felt to see Il Capitano and Moratti rewarded at the highest stage after faltering for so many years. Nella gioia e nel dolore, per l'Inter eterno amore.

Grazie Inter!

15 Mar 12, 17:38
And the disappointed in the transfer window that followed the CL success. Its a rollercoaster ride, supporting Inter! Pazza Inter Amala!

Don Tomaso
15 Mar 12, 22:31
Grazie Inter!

And grazie to all Inter fans who, as Handoyo, keep their head high even in tougher times!

16 Mar 12, 08:43
Indeed, when you're supporting clubs like Barcelona, Madrid, Man U, or Liverpool would not feel the joy of the win as much as if you're supporting clubs like Inter. The only supporters who might feel the same are City, Chelsea and Arsenal, yet again they draw their supporters from glories unlike Inter who most of them came during the struggle in 1998, at least around here.

16 Mar 12, 12:33
thanks to inter,,
made my heart tough like a steel

its blessing being interisti, we would never get a heart attack,,
cause we already through the worst from the worsest,,
from dark era to 2002 campaign, from gresko to chivu
we always bounce back again and again,, cause we are PAZZA INTER


16 Mar 12, 12:53
Pazza Inter indeed, we are such a special team, we should be proud that we are Interisti, I've always felt like this, proud to be Interista :proud:

Thanks Han for reminding us, some of us really don't know or forgot how we used to suffer in the past, we have the right to complain but not by breaking the limit, we are more of a team who plays for the sake of the club and the fans no matter how the results is, more than anything else.


16 Mar 12, 21:25

16 Mar 12, 22:43
I thinks this video fits this thread.



17 Mar 12, 10:26
Grazie Inter!

So emotional...

29 May 12, 11:25

29 May 12, 13:23
Grazie Inter!!!
No other team can like you... CRAZY as fuck!!! and thats why i love this team so much... Pazza Inter Amala

29 May 12, 21:44