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30 Sep 12, 13:48
new attacking midfielder we signed on a free (i believe)

he's great with the ball at his feet, looks like he's got good vision, I think we could make something of this kid

30 Sep 12, 13:49
Cool last name. :notbad:

30 Sep 12, 13:49
Someone needs to capitalize his name :oblivious:

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awwwwwwwwwwww someone changed it :(

30 Sep 12, 22:23

Now I am :slick:

25 Apr 13, 21:57
saw this on a napoli website about acampora:


How many times we talked about it, the Naples De Laurentiis started from scratch, wandering between Cercola, Casoria, Palma Campania, Marano maps of the reconstruction of the youth of Naples .
If the time machine moves in the past, we realize that has been accomplished an incredible job, considering Illustrious, Cyan, Maiello, Sepe, but also the '94 and '96 that compose the group of Spring first in their section C. In that context, messy, however, it has also lost some talent, which reinforces the proportion of urchins good at making the fortunes of other teams in the North or abroad. In Ascoli-Napoli 6-1 goals did the azure of Cyrus Wall Solitro, a playmaker who wears the number 10 shirt of the National Students dell'Ascoli, rejected in blue nursery for its physical structure. Other boys were preferred to him with greater physicality, forced choices, due to the limits of a structure that fails to work in a personalized on the boys.
There are also the best-known cases as Trotta, now at Fulham striker born in '92 or Marciano, '95 class playmaker moved to Fiorentina, who after six-month loan to Taranto, has sold outright to Pro Vercelli.
The story, however, the most striking is that of Gennaro Acampora, midfielder born in the Spring of '94 ' Inter . For four years he wore the blue shirt, and his adventure began September 19, 2005, the day of San Gennaro, and ended in 2009, when he was granted a release.
Gennaro starts from the football school "Joseph Barbella" Casoria but for him it is now time internship. Vive la first experience in Cesenatico, school Maradona and Baths that bring the highest marks in almost all items of the board, except for the speed. It is certainly accelerating its main advantage, but the game viewing and feet refined, which is capable of making plays that illuminate the eyes. The observer Eduardo Maresca it notifies Naples that aggregates the debutants at the time led by Nicholas Liguori , current coach of the National Giovanissimi.
Acampora impresses immediately for technical quality, the parents of the other kids getting excited about his play comment. At a Christmas tournament in Rome wins awards and best footballer top scorer. Liguori gives him the captain's armband, are the years in which he experimented with the 4-3-3 form that represented the soul of all the teams he coached. The coach aims to grow the young Acampora also in terms of the covering phase, trying to add these qualities to its important technical repertoire. The duties of tactics and a willingness to Gennaro to unleash his talent in the last twenty meters: a debate that becomes even closer when the coach Attanasio regional minigiovanissimi in the row at left-back.

Acampora you feel stuck, he knows he can do more, and meanwhile begins to put on a few extra pounds, a problem that will drag on for years to come. In the 2008-09 season the story decisive before the separation. Arrives in the National Juniors, the team of '94 that now forms the Spring first in the standings in Group C, Joseph Provided , the boy in the hierarchies of Trebisacce Liguori is to occupy the position of the left inner midfielder. For Acampora there is less space, remnants of the game where sometimes he also manages to highlight his talent.
The bad blood between the former MD Marino and the Campania Regional Committee of the Football Federation of Naples leading to exclusion from the regional youth leagues. Those who do not fit into the plans of the National Giovanissimi is diverted to a group of boys led by Mr. Supino who does not play official matches, but only workouts and friendly. The relationship becomes increasingly problematic to the request for release made by the father and that the charge of the youth Giuseppe Santoro reluctantly felt obliged to fulfill, given the situation that has arisen.
Acampora and his father playing a challenge: to put everything on football. Both are aware that they can do it and begins a tour of Italy in search of a team: Frosinone, Padova, Parma, Genoa. Reject Paganese destinations such as Sorrento, wants to move out of the region, measured in other contexts; takes a small step back only when he tries to return to Naples. The charge of the youth Luigi Caffarelli not loves the return of free agents in the past and the return of the prodigal son is not the case. For Acampora is still time to fight, but the lack of calcium leads him to not treat them with discipline fitness and the pounds will increase. "How do we take a athletic player in these conditions?", This is the question of observers and executives during the various auditions. The determination, however, opens doors that often do not expect. For Acampora the turning point is called Spezia Calcio. The youth sector is Gladis Conti, the protagonist of the intuition that changes the life of Gennaro.
This time it's Conti to play for a challenge. "Let four months, let's follow him and see what we can do." Gennaro collects the commitment and the beautiful structure of Spezianello recovers fitness and accomplishes two good seasons: one in the National Students and one in caps, which ended with the first team debut in the second leg of the Cup final against Italy Lega Pro Pisa Arena Garibaldi.

The nice thing, though, is yet to come. Acampora joined Inter on loan with the right of redemption of the half attached to the figure of 300 thousand euro. Gennaro is then purchased by the team that in recent years has focused more on the nursery pulling out Balotelli, Santon, Livaja, Longo and others, including the coach Stramaccioni. Brings home the satisfaction of the summons in the first team for the friendly against the summer Bizentin and the thrill to compete in an international stage as the Nextgen Series, attended the Inter Primavera.
Acampora has won his battle and is ready to achieve other goals. It 'a midfielder with great qualities, destined to imagine places other than St. Paul in which explode. A pity that could be repeated with other young blue creatures. Still the Spice as a springboard is the story of Marchitelli staple of Spring by Peter Fusco also convened in the first team last October 13 for Spice-Ternana, and the other is Daniel Franco, director revving the head of the observers Claudio Vinazzani Ligurian club. The Spezia focuses on these two guys and is structuring specific routes to make them emerge. There is also Luigi Amico, a goal machine in blue nursery until last year where he paid physical problems. Free transfer in the summer, is now in the spring of Terni, where can aspire to important goals for his career.
There may be other regrets blue, stimuli to further grow and not lose anyone on the street.

26 Apr 13, 00:27
If you could sum this entire article up in 3 sentences what would it be?

26 Apr 13, 00:48
No body cares

26 Apr 13, 07:58
no, read it yourself

you should care, acampora is a fucking class midfielder tbh.

26 Apr 13, 08:14
So he is on loan here right? Will we buy him at the end of the season? Was a little hard to understand the text :)

26 Apr 13, 08:25
Hes on loan. We can sign him for 300k. Im not sure if we will yet thoufh - hes been class but missed galf the season with injury. I hope we do but we are quite happy in midfield atn between duncsn benassi tassi olsen knudson etc.

26 Apr 13, 08:31
Thanks for the update :) I liked what I saw of him in the beginning of the season, so lets hope we sign him.

26 Apr 13, 11:30
Hes on loan. We can sign him for 300k. Im not sure if we will yet thoufh - hes been class but missed galf the season with injury. I hope we do but we are quite happy in midfield atn between duncsn benassi tassi olsen knudson etc.

and Zanetti, Cambiasso, Stankovic, Mudingayi, Gargano, Guarin, Kuzmanovic, Schelotto.

26 Apr 13, 18:54
Hes on loan. We can sign him for 300k. Im not sure if we will yet thoufh - hes been class but missed galf the season with injury. I hope we do but we are quite happy in midfield atn between duncsn benassi tassi olsen knudson etc.

Just bcs benassi tassi olsen and knudson has s in their name doesnt mean duncan becomes duncsn. :grammarshitoni:

25 May 13, 09:37
we've taken our option to sign half of acampora :)

11 Jul 13, 20:54
Apparently we didnt take up our option but we have decided to extend his loan another season.

16 Dec 15, 18:09
His penalty just eliminate Roma.

16 Dec 15, 19:30

23 Dec 15, 16:55
and Zanetti, Cambiasso, Stankovic, Mudingayi, Gargano, Guarin, Kuzmanovic, Schelotto.

Why I scrolled up??

Still have fucken nightmares from these few :yao2: