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09 Oct 12, 20:07
Long overdue. :serious:

Won us UEFA Cup QF 1998.
Coach Gigi Simoni once said he could write a book of 200 pages of his two years with him, but the book would not be a drama, it would be a comedy.

09 Oct 12, 20:28


"tat ass"

10 Oct 12, 06:12
Coach Gigi Simoni once said he could write a book of 200 pages of his two years with him, but the book would not be a drama, it would be a comedy.:lol: That's gold, Jerry.

10 Oct 12, 10:59
I always liked this player, but I always had the desire to throw a match in his hair :fuckyea:

10 Oct 12, 11:06
Oh my God ,he is so ugly. Taribo Fucking West is animal.

10 Oct 12, 12:22
I remember a Zanetti interview where Pupi told a story about this guy: the coach told him to mark his man upclose, then after he failed to do that, the coach asked him why? so he said "becuase God told me not to" :palm:
tyical case when someone gives religous ppl a bad name...

03 Apr 13, 19:55


Numero Dieci
03 Apr 13, 21:32
Most africans have their ages modified and maybe West did to but 12 years is way to much.

04 Apr 13, 07:36
Apparently he's Kanus dad

06 Apr 13, 07:34
Lucescu: 'We all laughed at Taribo'

Ex-Inter Coach Mircea Lucescu isn’t entirely surprised at claims Taribo West lied about his age. “He was so uncoordinated he’d fall over and we all laughed.”

This week Partizan Belgrade claimed they discovered Nigerian defender West was 12 years older than he said he was when signing for them.

He was at Inter from 1997 to 1999, then moved to Milan where he managed only four caps.

“West was not an important player for me,” Lucescu said of the 1998-99 campaign.

“He was so uncoordinated he’d fall over and we all laughed. I didn’t have a good rapport with West and I wouldn’t play him after he threw his jersey on the ground against Vicenza.

“I did not consider him to be an important player. He then went to Milan, I can’t figure out why. You’d have to ask Milan why they signed him....

“When I read the story about his age I couldn’t believe it, as 12 years is a lot. How did they manage to not realise earlier?”

West is officially 39 years old, but Partizan Belgrade claim he is actually 51.

SOURCE: Football Italia (http://www.football-italia.net/32730/lucescu-we-all-laughed-taribo)

This story is starting to get sillier and sillier...

Bam Bam 1+8
11 Apr 13, 06:24
Lucescu is talking shit.
Its no surprise, and nothing new, he wasn't best friends with Taribo.
The year before with Simoni, West was a starting Defender in the UEFA CUP win. SOme respect for that, Mircae.

And talking about "West was not important to me" back in 1998 I wonder, if that 1998 season is the one to judge the players and coaches quality from. That season back than was as fucked up as the one today, so no need for Lucescu to talk big.

" How did they not menage to realise earlier [his age]?" How did YOU not realise him beeing 36 instead of 24?

Lucescu is a good coach at Donezk, but I dont like that interview at all. Taribo West wasn't a legend as defender, not a sportsman like Zanetti,... but he was an everyday smiling guy, had his worth for the teams he played for, never afraid to take the hard challenges and that all coming from a background most people would make different ways. I always had sympathie for the pastor. Great times with the super eagles of that decade. Kanu, Oliseh, Okocha, West,... 100% joy of the game: Definetely a great team.

27 Jun 15, 18:12
Bam Bam has a full mark ratio.

27 Jun 15, 19:28
Bam bam destroying Kanchelskis. Ahh the memories :interflag:


27 Jun 15, 19:43
Long overdue. :serious:

Won us UEFA Cup QF 1998.
Coach Gigi Simoni once said he could write a book of 200 pages of his two years with him, but the book would not be a drama, it would be a comedy.

Funny how Mourinho would also write a comedy and not a drama of his two years with Balotelli. And surprisingly the book would also be 200 pages :oblivious:


28 Jun 15, 02:24
Who's Terrible West?

Il Drago
11 Feb 16, 11:04
Former Inter defender reveals he turned to dark arts

Now a pastor, Taribo West admits he turned to voodooists and magicians to help him during his playing days
by Gazzetta World Staff, @GazzettaWorld 11/02/2016, 10:36

One of Serie A’s notorious hard men in his brief spell with Inter, Taribo West still appears to be as eccentric as ever.

The Nigerian international will be remembered by the Nerazzurri faithful for his injury-time quarter-final winner against Schalke in the 1998 UEFA Cup, which they went on to win after defeating Lazio in the final.

While West will was most noted for his wild tackles and funky hairstyles that rendered Abel Xavier’s mundane, the 41-year-old has revealed he utilised magic and rituals during his playing days, and claims that these practices are still prominent among players and coaches.

“Of course I was involved, I don’t know why people decline to talk about their involvement with charms,” said West.

“Football has to do with a lot of powers. When there are big events, you look at the stadium, you see people, fans invoking all kinds of things; magicians are there, voodooists are there.

“In my playing days, when I was ignorant, I used to get some mallams and babalawos (spiritual men) to make charms for us, which we took to the national camp. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

“I saw it, I experienced it, I was with players that used it and I used it. So, why are people denying it? There are charms and rituals in football. It still exists.”

West now spreads the word of God as a pastor, a far cry from his previous attempts to promote the dark arts of sorcery.

“I spend most of my time at home meditating,” he stated. “All I want to do is to keep spreading the gospel in my own little way.

“When I had an encounter with God, I became born again. I discovered that those powers were powerless.

“It was an avenue to collect money from us. There are lots of voodoo practices in football. If you are not with God, you have to be with the devil.”

- - - -
Perhaps it was West who introduced the mountain healer to Mancini.

Black Knight
11 Feb 16, 14:46

11 Feb 16, 16:04
All the time reading that couldn't stop thinking about the old shaman of Shaqiri.

we really fuck players up dont we

11 Feb 16, 16:52
Taribo. As legendary as ever.