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04 Nov 12, 12:59
I posted that table already in Milito thread but for all those who are interested ... Here some more facts about our top-51-goal-scorers (I only wanted to go till 50 ... but now Djorkaeff is also on the list ;) ):


And here our topscorers in different tournaments:

European Cup (1)
1964 Sandro Mazzola (7 Goals)

UEFA Cup (2)
1994 Dennis Bergkamp (8 Goals)
1997 Maurizio Ganz (8 Goals)

Cup Winners' Cup (1)
1979 Alessandro Altobelli (7 Goals)

Serie A (12)
1927 Anton Powolny (22 Goals)
1930 Giuseppe Meazza (31 Goals)
1936 Giuseppe Meazza (25 Goals)
1938 Giuseppe Meazza (20 Goals)
1949 István Nyers (26 Goals)
1959 Antonio Angelillo (33 Goals)
1965 Sandro Mazzola (17 Goals)
1971 Roberto Boninsegna (24 Goals)
1972 Roberto Boninsegna (22 Goals)
1989 Aldo Serena (22 Goals)
2003 Christian Vieri (24 Goals)
2009 Zlatan Ibrahimović (25 Goals)

Coppa Italia (8)
1959 Eddie Firmani (8 Goals)
1972 Roberto Boninsegna (8 Goals)
1982 Alessandro Altobelli (9 Goals)
2007 Hernán Crespo & Nicolás Burdisso (4 Goals)
2008 Julio Ricardo Cruz & Mario Balotelli (4 Goals)
2011 Samuel Eto’o (5 Goals)

I learnt some nice facts:

Didn't know f. e. that Nyers was born in France. Or that Inter has an Austrian topscorer with Anton Powolny. And that Facchetti was our most dangerous defender. :D

Milito, Cambiasso and Stankovic only active players in the list.

And I am always surprised that "Eddie" Firmani is relative unknown: That dude has a great rate at Inter. Played as a South African for Italy. Only player that scored 100 goals in England and Italy. When he moved to Sampdoria it was a record fee for a British Team. Trained Pele and Beckenbauer. Hostage in Gulf War.

04 Nov 12, 15:22
I think that Principe can achieve the 12th position this year (ahead of Aldo Serena),and why not overshooting Attilio Demaria I!

Come on Diego!

04 Nov 12, 15:37
Nicolas Burdisso 2007 Coppa Italia's Top Scorer :notbad:

04 Nov 12, 15:42
Nicolas Burdisso 2007 Coppa Italia's Top Scorer :notbad:

Together with five other players (Crespo, Giuseppe Greco, Simone Perrotta, Emiliano Bonazzoli, Francesco Flachi). ;)

04 Nov 12, 19:17

04 Nov 12, 20:33
Don't forget Cambiasso! :lol:

He is in his ninth season with us and beside two seasons he scored always at least 5 goals. So far he has two ... 3 more and he will make a jump into the top 40 and one goal behind Martins. :D

04 Nov 12, 21:33
Facchetti and Cruz 14th :excitedeyes:

09 Dec 12, 23:28
Milito on 19th now. Together with Recoba. :datass: