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03 Dec 12, 09:07
Anyone have info on this kid? I hear he is a very talented striker for our primavera, but surprisingly I never heard of him... when did we buy him? And how good is he?

03 Dec 12, 09:42

03 Dec 12, 10:13
Someone called? :)

We've had him for like 2 seasons now if I remember correctly. He's Portugese, has played at U-16 or U-17 level for them. He's part of the 'training' programme as I always call it in the Primavera - not going to get huge amounts of game time, but he's being groomed for next year's Primavera as a starting striker (like, say, Garritano, or Benassi were groomed last year).

He's quite a good kid, bit small if I remember correctly but very quick and quite technical. I always thought of him as an up front striker but lately he's being deployed as a wing forward. I think that's more lack of suitable players than anything.

He's quite talented, was chased by Barca in the summer, but extended with us instead. Don't expect to see TOO much from him this year, if he does deliver it'll be comparable to what MBaye did last year, but expect him to absolutely shine next year.

As a striker, his biggest flaw is his goalscoring at the moment. the rate is quite low for a player in his position, if I remember correctly last year he didn't score very many at all. Talented player, though.

20 Jun 13, 04:10
I really expected Bokar to perform much better with the Primavera this season, considering what he's done before.

Honestly I'd rate him below Forte and Garritano, who (imho) have both done much, much better than him this season, not only in terms of goals.

15 Jul 13, 15:26
Djumo set to go on one month trial to Tranmere Rovers


27 Jul 13, 18:03
loaned to CF União