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06 Dec 12, 22:14
Luca Garritano
D.O.B.: 11-02-94
Position: Inside forward/striker
A bit like: Alexis Sanchez
Chance of first team action this season: 100%, he's already had some, and undoubtedly will again
Chance of loan next season: 90%. He's shown some good skills and Serie B clubs will be undoubtedly looking to sign him
Chance of staying at Inter in the long term: 75%. He's clearly an interesting prospect, it would be nice to see him go one step further and deliver a more complete package. The first year or two on loan will decide his future
He's a good young forward, who came in and scored some important goals for the Primavera last year despite playing in the Allievi. He's doing very well in the Primavera this year now, too, and his first team debuted gave the world a glimpse of him. He likes to come in from deep - often being used (imho somewhat ineffectively) as an inside forward on the wings. He has decent speed, power, and technical skills, giving him a decent package with which to get around defenders. My main criticism of him is that he is not tactically disciplined. When played as a centre-forward, he often drifts very deep to try and pick up the ball and get involved, leaving the team toothless at the front. If he can get over this, he is a very good young prospect.

Didn't see him get as involved as I would liked to have tonight. But still, I thought he made some very good runs nonetheless.

07 Dec 12, 07:04
Make a thread for Ie and Ca :yao:

21 Apr 13, 12:20
Nice performances today vs Parma and a few mistakes, but boy, he is motivated. Hope to see him play more in the future

21 Apr 13, 12:27
jesus how much can this kid run

21 Apr 13, 12:31
time to get another one of my threads moved to first team

21 Apr 13, 12:44
Why is Schelotto given time over this kid, for example?

21 Apr 13, 12:55
jesus how much can this kid run

16 min for now :yao:

20 Jun 13, 11:53
co-ownership extended, probably cesena's half will be bought by palermo

05 Jul 13, 04:10
Awarded in Castiglioncello as young revelation of the Serie A Inter striker, Luca Garritano, entrusts his feelings to the microphones of Tuttomercatoweb. "I had the opportunity to debut in Serie A, has been a positive season.I am glad, now I think next year I hope that I devote even more."

link (http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=it&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tuttomercatoweb.com%2Fa-tu-per-tu%2Fcon-garritano-462845)

Inter Siamo Noi
11 Aug 13, 14:25
Played 22 mins and scored a goal against Ponte San Pietro in Coppa Italia.

13 Oct 13, 14:46
His goal against Juve Stabia

16 Oct 13, 02:26

Nice goal.

17 Oct 13, 17:13
Another Juve killer? :megusta:

17 Oct 13, 17:46
he was one of the few that impressed me with the primavera hope he turns out great

17 Oct 13, 18:00
he's good in fm2014

17 Oct 13, 18:03
a bit like alexis sanchez :yao:

Inter Siamo Noi
19 Oct 13, 09:47
68 mins and assist for Garritano against Bari.

19 Oct 13, 10:45
good for him, hopefully he's starting to find his space in the first team

12 Nov 13, 18:38
He's actually really good in FM14 :megusta:

Big Willy
14 Nov 13, 17:14

27 Apr 15, 14:44
he has been doing well lately with Modena (loaned since January), involved in 16 matches, scored 3 goals and assisted 1 since his move to the club
his goal 2 days ago against Crotone https://vine.co/v/eWIBYPjnW7j
apparently there is interest from Sampdoria and Catania for him
btw we co-own his card with Cesena

30 May 15, 17:28
just scored for Modena in their Serie B relegation match.

make that two. Single handedly trying to save them from relegation

26 Jun 15, 00:38
Co-ownership was resolved in favor of Cesena so he is no longer ours. He was a good little talent at youth level but I think we let got of him at the right time. Physically his traits will either keep him from playing at a top level or takw him a very long time to reach his potential IMO.

03 Jul 16, 19:49
apparently we got 50k for his sale, but we still hold the rights to 50% future revenue

Black Knight
08 Jul 16, 05:58