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15 Apr 05, 06:44
Calcio adopts zero-tolerance Thursday 14 April, 2005

The Italian government has backed zero-tolerance plans that could see League matches abandoned as soon as an object is thrown on to the pitch.

Italian teams will automatically lose games 3-0 under the new rules, which will come into place on Friday, if their fans are adjudged to have been the culprits.

The Italian authorities have taken the step after Tuesday’s Champions’ League derby between Inter and Milan was abandoned.

A section of the Nerazzurri support hurled bottles and flares on to the field of play, with one hitting Milan ‘keeper Dida on the shoulder.

There was also some minor crowd trouble at the Stadio Delle Alpi on Wednesday during Juventus’ match against Liverpool.

The Interior Ministry announced the measures today after a meeting with the Italian Football Federation and the Italian Olympic Committee.

"It's important that football clubs increase their co-operation with forces of order and increase dialogue with supporters," stated Federation chief Franco Carraro.

"We have the desire that this season’s championships can end in a climate of peace and harmony.

"We are in a very delicate situation and we needed an emergency solution. We hope that these measures won’t need to be taken but they will if necessary."

However, the new rules haven’t been welcomed by everyone in the Italian game, who fear they could cause more trouble.

"Carraro’s decision has surprised me," said Palermo chief and League Vice-president Maurizio Zamparini.

"He is an intelligent person but he will soon realise that he can’t give one fan the power to stop a match simply because his side is losing."

Brescia owner Gino Corioni mirrored those views, as he rightly fears that some fans could intentionally go into rival ends to get matches stopped.

"The idea that a side can lose a match after one flare is thrown is not right," he said.

"The derby illustrated that fact. Every club has a group of mad fans who will look to damage a rival club if they know they can.

"This way we are making clubs a hostage to fans. This is sheer madness."

Just great :yuck: , what the heck are they thinking abouth. What they are doing is given the Ultras more power. If the ultras are unsatisfied with somthing within the club they can threatens the club to do sertain things, or they will start throwing stuff on the pitch in every game untill Inter decides to toe the line. And since some fans wont Moratti out of the club they can use this as a weapon to achieve thier goal.

15 Apr 05, 10:52
Yepp, totally agree!

This is a typical example of bad decisions, which are made by people who don't really know the causes of problems, they just wan't to show they did somtin' against it. If this goes through, I won't be suprised if the number of such incidents would rise.

The Count of Anti-Milan
15 Apr 05, 11:22
Meanwhile there is a hell of a lot of tolerance for doping, crap refereeing...

J zanetti
15 Apr 05, 11:27
Meanwhile there is a hell of a lot of tolerance for doping, crap refereeing...
As long as Gobbi and Bbilan are masters of those issues it will remain unpunished.

15 Apr 05, 17:38
This only means giving more power to the fans, and most importantly the STUPID fans.

These people are great experts in shooting themselves in the foot.

15 Apr 05, 18:02
This just means every other club's ultras will be punished heavily, but those from Juventus and Milan will get away with light fines. After all, that's what zero tolerance in Italy really means - everybody gets it but the big 2.

What Milos said.


15 Apr 05, 19:11

No they shot Inter, Roma, Lazio etc in the foot! :rolleyes: