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Adriano 10
24 Apr 05, 11:51
Keeper: Francesco Toldo

Central defender: Ivan Cordoba, Materazzi
Left Defender: Favalli
Right Defender: Javier Zanetti

Central midtfielder: Cambiasso, Cristiano Zanetti
Right Midtfielder: Stankovic
Left midtfielder: Van der Meyde

Forwards: Adriano and Cruz

subs: Martins, Mihajlovic, Emre, Ze Maria and Burdisso

i have a Question: why is Davids and Emre never in the starting line up?? is they to bad or injuryed.

this is my first post in this forum, i hope your understand my English :D

24 Apr 05, 12:54
Hi and welcome! :) Do not worry about youe English. It is not the spoken language here. Inter is. :proud:

We already have a topic regarding this so I will close this one. :) Click here (http://forza-inter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=143). ;)