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06 Nov 14, 21:15
Andrea Palazzi under the spotlight:
Here (http://inter1908blog.com/primavera-spotlight-andrea-palazzi/)


Defensive-minded midfielder, been at Inter along with Lomolino and Sciacca since he was like 10.

06 Nov 14, 21:25
SAINT-ÉTIENNE – Andrea Palazzi was wearing the blue and black of the Nerazzurri before he was even out of short trousers. Born in the Affori area of Milan, a mere stone’s throw from the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti, Palazzi has always seen Inter as a dream that could – that must – come true. "I’ve dreamt about this since I was a kid, ever since I started kicking a ball about. It’s everybody’s dream to finally get on the pitch in a stadium like this. It was an indescribable feeling. "The gaffer chose me to replace Kuzmanovic, who was carrying a knock. I’d like to thank the boss, I’ll work hard to prove him right for believing in me," stated Palazzi. For Palazzi, the next match is back with his U19 team-mates: "We’re playing at home against Sassuolo on Saturday and it’ll be a tough match. I know that we can keep moving forward and getting the wins. "I want to dedicate this match to my parents, who always made the right decisions for me when I was younger and have helped me every single day. If I’m here, it’s down to my mum and dad," concluded Palazzi.

06 Nov 14, 22:58
It would be an awesome story if he becomes at least a good back up.

08 Nov 14, 13:58
And we have Crisiteg too remember playing week in week out at Cagliari.

Raul Duke
09 Nov 14, 08:02
Is he really defensive minded?

I seem to remember him being really comfortable on the ball and keen eye for a pass/through ball.

09 Nov 14, 08:11
I'd say he's defensive like Benassi is defensive. As in not actually, but plays a deeper role?

09 Nov 14, 08:23
So he's il nuovo Pirlo ok thank you

Big Willy
09 Nov 14, 17:22
No, that's Mira.

Javier Zanetti
01 Jul 15, 19:25
Palazzi is off to Livorno on loan

02 Jul 15, 16:44

15 Jul 16, 16:20
Loaned to Pro Vercelli:


Il Drago
06 Jul 18, 17:39
The 22-year-old moves to the Abruzzo club on loan

MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano announces that an agreement has been reached with Pescara for a loan of the 22-year-old midfielder Andrea Palazzi. The agreement contains both an option and counter-option.

Il Drago
12 Jan 19, 05:54

Pescara are certainly not going to redeem him as they have already sent him back to Inter. He's joining Berlusconi's Monza on a dry loan for the rest of the season.

12 Jan 19, 10:37
Remember this guy was so hyped for a while. Shame

12 Jan 19, 12:25
I think he was never been hyped even in the primavera. You probably mistaken him with the other 10000 Inter youngsters who got hyped but never worked out in the lastogether few years.

12 Jan 19, 15:32
Just checked, he was amazing on my FM 2015 save, that'll be it.