View Full Version : Forza Inter Forums Post of the Year (serious football edition)

18 Dec 14, 02:19
These choices are not mine nor of the FIF Mod/Admin team, but rather were chosen based on the 'thanks' given to posts in the "posts of the year" thread. So please don't complain to me that there has been better posts than these because they were either not quoted in the posts of the year thread, or if they were they were thanked less than the following

By Hadrian (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?11379-Mateo-Kovai/page114&p=1256717#post1256717)

By Universe (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?11898-Rolando/page8&p=1277281#post1277281)

By bandiera (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?12680-The-Darkest-Times&p=1313969#post1313969)

By The Wall (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?12027-Erick-Thohir/page24&p=1213936#post1213936)

By Devious (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?12228-Juventus-Inter-(2-Feb-14)&p=1227496&viewfull=1#post1227496)

By N4L (http://www.forzainterforums.com/showthread.php?2482-Roberto-Mancini/page160&p=1334781#post1334781)

Okay, voting will be open until the end of december

18 Dec 14, 05:09
Wow, those are really good posts. Can I vote for all of them???

Black Knight
18 Dec 14, 07:02
Tough choice, I must admit

18 Dec 14, 07:18
It was hard to choose between Hadrian and bandiera.

18 Dec 14, 07:37
I'll vote for Universe cause Inter certainly lack brains.

18 Dec 14, 08:15
Very, very tough choice, congrats to all the nominees!

18 Dec 14, 08:16
Easy choice for me, any pro-Mazzarri post is a winner.

18 Dec 14, 14:32
I miss The Wall...where the fuck are you m8?!

18 Dec 14, 15:17
He has a life.

18 Dec 14, 15:35
He has a life.

what's that?!:oblivious:

certified interisti 'VIP'
18 Dec 14, 15:40
I swear to God bandiera's post is the best for me, dude made an awesome post there, I don't care whether his post has less thanks than that of universe's and hadrian's probably that's due to the fact that members here honour old members than new ones , but I don't give a fuck. Well done bandiera.

30 Dec 14, 09:34
Congrats to Universe.