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23 Jun 16, 00:17

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/86/b5/ca/86b5caf13cf571f9feca2050c979f186.jpg _ https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/21veganA4TL.jpg

Stadium Municipal, Toulouse
21:00 CEST

Hungary's last 3 results
Austria - Hungary 0 - 2
Iceland - Hungary 1 - 1
Hungary - Portugal 3 - 3

Belgium's last 3 results
Belgium - Italy 0 - 2
Belgium - Ireland 3 - 0
Sweden - Belgium 0 - 1

23 Jun 16, 04:25
Bring it on, Kevin B

23 Jun 16, 08:48

Bring on the Goulash (if you write it like this)

23 Jun 16, 13:21
It's gulyás.
And waffles for desert.

25 Jun 16, 05:16
Cool, you'll make a reservation?

cuz sunday we dine in hell

Bob Sacamano
25 Jun 16, 11:17
It won't be a walk-over for the Belgians i think, since the Hungarians were quite impressive in the group stages. Would be funny to see the Belgians lose, many of us (including me) are getting really tired of our national Dutch media 'forcing' us to support Belgium since we failed to qualify ourselves. We even have an utterly annoying journalist whose task it is to follow the BELGIANS every day for DUTCH national television. After the game against Italy for example the Dutch media (almost) only talked about how weak the Belgians were instead of also paying a little bit intention to the strong match of the Italians. Please fuck off, like they would do the same for us if we were there and they not.

End of rant.

26 Jun 16, 20:13
Belgium's golden brick road to the final rolls on. 1-0 early

26 Jun 16, 20:52
Freakin Mertens, where Carrasco at? Such an awesome group of players, such a shaky unit

26 Jun 16, 21:31
De Bruyne was on fire in the first half, Belgium have calmed down now in the second.

26 Jun 16, 21:35
Game. Batshuayi with a goal.

Hazrard finishes it off.

26 Jun 16, 21:38
Wtf? Went to the bathroom and next thing I see is its 3-0

27 Jun 16, 15:07

27 Jun 16, 19:37
Belgium for final.

28 Jun 16, 05:16
Let's hope so. Hazard really is stepping it up in this tournament. So is Vermaelen (I was skeptic first but he really makes a difference). Now only Lukaku and De Bruyne to get really loose.