View Full Version : Hapoel Beer Sheva match

11 Sep 16, 12:57
Is there any estimation how many people will arrive to the gave against Hapoel Beer Sheva in the Europe League?
I heard that San Siro will be empty...

Black Knight
12 Sep 16, 14:09
I'd be gobsmacked if the San Siro is even half full for this match.

12 Sep 16, 16:18
try a quarter full, 20,000 is most likely considering the way we usually are

13 Sep 16, 00:16
Well, we close second tier red, blue and orange and third tier red and green.

So, we will only have about 29000 seats in the first tier including press area, sky box, and vip. In addition to that is the curva nord. So, if we can get 20000 it would be very good.