View Full Version : Vote: Best Humorous - 2019 Oscars

26 Dec 19, 04:30

Devious: 7
Dogen: 5
Fitzy: 11
Lui: 7
phonk: 5
Universe: 13

Just missed: None

Total nominations: 72

26 Dec 19, 06:57
Im giving my vote to Uni, just for calling Vecino a dildo :lol:

26 Dec 19, 09:19
Thanks for the votes lads, but really nobody beats an aussie when it comes to giggles, specially that chomo cunt.

Lui and Phonk have been cracking me up lately too, I wish there was multiple voting.

27 Dec 19, 18:48
Same here.
I voted with Lui for his excellent original humour, but same with the others, all of them are really good posters.
Keep it up guys!

27 Dec 19, 18:53
That mildly amusing twat Uni has this one on lockdown. Unfair.

28 Dec 19, 02:02
I wish there was multiple voting.

I second that!
I really wish I could give more votes to various members.

Candreva Crosses
29 Dec 19, 17:21
Outrageous. JJM didn't make the list and Fitzy only got 3 votes?

29 Dec 19, 17:29
Thanks CC but...

I'm less active here lately as...

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