View Full Version : 2019 Forza Inter Forums Oscar RESULTS

01 Jan 20, 17:39
Thanks to everyone who voted. Congratulations to all of our winners, and Happy New Year

Best overall poster: Universe
Best football poster: Il Drago
Most diverse poster: Universe
Most humorous poster: Universe
Nicest poster: MVD
Most serious poster: brehme1989
Most stubborn poster: brehme1989
Most optimistic poster: Dari0
Most pessimistic poster: Palacio
Most improved poster: YoramG
Most passionate poster: JJM

Candreva Crosses
01 Jan 20, 18:42
brehme didn't win the serious one?

02 Jan 20, 00:18
Congrats to everyone and happy new year.

Il Drago
02 Jan 20, 11:11
First, Happy New Year.

Congrats to the winners and also those who were nominated. Congrats to ADRossi for hosting the awards.

Best football poster. I can't say i was expecting it as there were great posters in that category. Thank you guys for your nominations and your votes. Much appreciated.

02 Jan 20, 18:22
Again it's criminal that Dogen didn't win anything.

Create an award for that man to get him back to this forum.

03 Jan 20, 01:51
Many, many thanks to all the nice people who voted for me! :heart:
I feel deeply honored and I appreciate that a lot. :proud:

Congratulations to all the other winners and to the nominees.

Special thanks to ADRossi for hosting the 'Oscars' - I really wish there was a special award for his great work!

Happy and healthy 2020 to everyone! :)

04 Jan 20, 22:35
I want to thank all the forum members who generously gave me their votes. I can't thank them enough for their generosity and support.
I am especially grateful for ADRossi's efforts and hard work in this thread.

05 Jan 20, 00:23
Congrats to all the winners. I'll sort the badges sometime over the next week

05 Jan 20, 13:27
Congrats you cunts! Good way to start the year.