View Full Version : 2020 Forza Inter Forums Oscar RESULTS

29 Dec 20, 21:04
Thanks to everyone who voted. Results were essentially a carbon copy of 2019 with a few changes (optimistic, improved, and passionate). Congratulations to all of our winners, and Happy New Year.

Best overall poster: Universe
Best football poster: Il Drago
Most diverse poster: Universe
Most humorous poster: Universe
Nicest poster: MVD
Most serious poster: brehme1989
Most stubborn poster: brehme1989
Most optimistic poster: Bluenine
Most pessimistic poster: Palacio
Most improved poster: Kramerica Industries
Most passionate poster: FairyTailed
Best newcomer: FairyTailed
Post of the year:

Conte meeting with management

29 Dec 20, 22:29
Congrats to the winners!

30 Dec 20, 03:20
Congratulations to all of the winners - and many thanks to everybody who voted for me! :proud:
Winning this "Nicest/Kindest Member"-award again means a lot to me! :)

@ADRossi: Thank you for hosting the "Forza Inter Oscars". May your overall great work be rewarded next year! :slick:

Happy and healthy 2021 to everybody!

Il Drago
30 Dec 20, 13:19
Congrats to ADRossi for hosting the awards, to the winners but also those who were nominated.

Thank you for voting me as best football poster. It means a lot.

Happy New Year to everyone!

30 Dec 20, 19:02
So everyone voted in the big box names in a year that was about the little guy. Shame.

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31 Dec 20, 10:35
Well done everyone!

Special mention to my brother FairyTailed!

01 Jan 21, 19:33
Congratulations to all of the winners. And thanks a million to everybody who voted for me. I can't thank ADRossi and all the hardworking mods enough for their efforts.

01 Jan 21, 23:55
Well done everyone!

Special mention to my brother FairyTailed!

This, thanks for bringing color after our dreadful matches.

03 Jan 21, 11:09
I did not expect to win two oscars, let alone one.

While winning best newcomer is great, winning most passionate one is just absolutely astonishing to me! Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and thanks a lot for the awards. This will certainly give me a boost to keep going on with the player ratings. To add some colour even on the worst days as someone said here!

And I will continue doing them in this year - starting today!

ADRossi gets the award for most caring FIF moderator ;)

Forza Inter!