View Full Version : When will Serie A 05/06 fixtures be decided?

Davor Mirkovic
02 Aug 05, 14:06

02 Aug 05, 14:48
I have no idea man...but I cant wait because I have to buy tickets

02 Aug 05, 14:49
actually serie a might be postponed because teams that went back to serie B after financial problems...they appelead and it will take some time.

02 Aug 05, 16:42
:eek: :eek: That is terrible, I hope Serie A could start on time, since next summer is for worldcup.

What is current status by the way... Genoa, Torino and Messina down?
Bologna will probably stay?

02 Aug 05, 17:09
I'm not sure but If I recall correctly the first game of the season is August 29th. Who knows when the complete schedule will be out probably not until they figure out who gets promoted/relegated.

06 Aug 05, 00:32
I'm not sure but If I recall correctly the first game of the season is August 29th. Who knows when the complete schedule will be out probably not until they figure out who gets promoted/relegated.

its gonna be 28th not 29th.....

Interclub Scotland
06 Aug 05, 11:28
I have been told that the fixtures for 2005/6 will be announced on August 11th (afternoon).

This has been a nightmare as I cannot book flights and hotels until we know the schedule.

09 Aug 05, 00:49
So the latest news is, Serie A will start on time (Which is Aug 28th, 20 days away at the moment)? Did they set all 20 teams, what's the deadline for team league registration (plus appeal time)?

09 Aug 05, 09:51
Gazzetta reports that there could be a delay and the fixtures might not be decided on Thursday the 11th becasue of the Genoa problem. It's escalating by the way, people in Genova have been lighting fires in protest and such.

09 Aug 05, 12:03
I think Messina is still in A, and Treviso has moved in the place of Genoa. What about Torino?

09 Aug 05, 17:01
Oh is it Treviso then? Only in Italy we can end up 2 days before they're supposed to decide the fixtures and we still don't know who's in Serie A :yuck:

09 Aug 05, 18:02
i hope its true that treviso qualifies to the serie A, because a slovenian handanovic (on loan from udinese) is their 1st goalkeeper

and treviso is very close to where i live (50km)

09 Aug 05, 19:42
:eek: :eek: Treviso... Isn't this team who hammered Toldone 4:1 a few weeks ago?

Hmm, 3 spots needed to set the fixture... If Treviso make up Genoa, Messina get succeed in appeal, what about the last spot?It's sad that the real team in Torino who stands for the city (Gobbi? :horny: :horny: ) is forced out of Serie A...

p.s. I wish someday I can see Napoli, Genoa, Torino all back to A, the league ain't perfect without them. :star:

09 Aug 05, 19:58
This is what goal.com writes about it

A Genoa tribunal court has suspended the composition of next season’s Italian football fixtures.

Bad news for Serie A followers as the fans of Italian football will have to wait a bit longer before they find out the upcoming season’s fixtures of Serie A. This is due to a civil court who ordered the Italian Football Federation to block the composition of all fixtures after Genoa had their appeal accepted by the Genoa tribunal. The hearing will be held on the 16th of August.

In the meantime, Bologna’s appeal against Messina has been rejected which means that the Giallorossi will remain in top-flight. Torino’s appeal has also been rejected and the Granata will therefore play in Serie B next season.
So it seems that the fixtures can't be announced before August 16th.

10 Aug 05, 00:28
Damn stupid FIGC. They do this regularly, they had the same uncertainty when the team was playing in the Olympics.

These people are fools, why the hell don't they get fired? Look at how professionally the EPL, La Liga, Bunesliga and I bet the federation in Uzbekistan is more professional. Damn Frustrating!!!!!!!!

10 Aug 05, 00:49
Thursday’s proposed formulation of the new season’s fixtures has been stopped as a result of Genoa’s on-going struggle to avoid demotion.

The calendars for the 2005-06 campaign were set to be published later this week, but that now looks unlikely to happen.

A Genoa tribunal court has successfully ordered the Italian Football Federation to suspend the composition of the fixtures.

The move comes just 24 hours after Genoa failed in their attempts to be re-instated into the Italian top-flight.

The port club were demoted to the Third Division earlier this summer, after the Serie B champions were found guilty of alleged match-fixing in the final game of last term against Venezia.

The Stadio Marassi outfit unsuccessfully appealed to the Federal Appeal Commission (CAF) on Monday which seemed to bring an end to the saga.

But the Italian season has been thrown into further chaos, with just 19 days to go before the scheduled start, as Genoa are now attempting to prove their innocence with the help of a civil court.

"There have been other situations in football in which different measures have been taken to that of Genoa," said Alessandro Repetto, President of the Genoa Province.

"Several come to mind, such as (Roma's Philippe) Mexes' case, and (Juve doctor Riccardo) Agricola's case.

"We hope that we can suspend the sporting sentence by taking our case to Genoa's tribunal."

It’s unclear at this stage what the Federation will do or when we will definitely know which sides will be playing in what Division next term.


Well well ... Serie will never change ...


10 Aug 05, 08:59
Yeah, we always start last anyway, and there are always delays. Typical :yuck:

10 Aug 05, 09:26
This is especially bad considering that we have a World Cup next summer and the players will get even less rest. Hopefully, they don't screw up the Coppa Italia schedule like last season.


10 Aug 05, 10:21
i dont think the start of the season will be delayed...
...i believe only the introduction of the fixtures.

Anyway, this happens every year. So what else is new?? ;)

10 Aug 05, 15:44
Well, the difference is, WC will come after this season, I don't wanna see our NT players jump to air plane 3 days right after league ends... :D

To avoid that happens, I guess FIGC will arrange a lot mid-week matches in the new season...

12 Aug 05, 20:33
My First Post!! :)

Calendars should be made next tuesday 16/8, decision has been
taken today.

13 Aug 05, 00:19
Welcome bluemonday :)

13 Aug 05, 08:22
And finally it seems that the schedule will be finalised.

Genoa’s legal attempts to block the new season have been temporarily thwarted as the Serie A, B and C calendars will be drawn up on Tuesday.
This week the club – demoted to Serie C1 and handed a three-point penalty as a result of a match-fixing trial – forced the postponement of Thursday’s planned fixture list compilation by appealing to the Genoa TAR tribunal.
However, today the Lazio TAR ruled that Genoa’s civil courts have no jurisdiction over sporting matters – a legal loophole closed after the Catania chaos two years ago.
The FIGC has announced that the Serie A, B and C calendars will be drawn up at 1pm UK time on Tuesday August 16.


13 Aug 05, 10:10
About d@mn time! Gimme Derby dell'a Madoninna in Week 1, so I don't have to worry about it again for another 18 weeks. :D


13 Aug 05, 10:16
No it should be on the final day, so that we have a full stadium when we lift the trophy in front of the Merdanisti eyes!

13 Aug 05, 13:37
No it should be on the final day, so that we have a full stadium when we lift the trophy in front of the Merdanisti eyes!

Not at all ... :D
Seriously .............. still NO !! :stuckup:

13 Aug 05, 14:50
Just think of Galliani's face....

13 Aug 05, 14:58
Just think of Galliani's face....

What about Moratti and our face. Not another May 5th ever again. :D


13 Aug 05, 17:04
I can't wait for the fixtures to be announced, I'll be going to Italy from 22 and 27 October...

14 Aug 05, 12:41
I can't wait for the fixtures to be announced, I'll be going to Italy from 22 and 27 October...
Hmmm Frisko, sorry for being ungrateful but would it be possible for you to help me look for our 01/02 jerseys when you are in Italy. :embarass: Store.inter.it hasn't replied my e-mails yet. :cry: I've sent 4 in total, 2 in English, 2 in Italian.

Thanx. :)


14 Aug 05, 15:15
Yes I will surely look for that my man, just remind me :)

16 Aug 05, 09:46
the fixture will be decided today ... i can't wait :s

16 Aug 05, 15:09
can someone tell us when the fixtures will be shown in www.inter.it ... or better to say ... when the fixtures will be shown for public

16 Aug 05, 15:54
Genoa in C1 with 3 points of penalty, Ascoli and Treviso in A, Torino in B.

The fixtures will be decided at 7pm CET - 6pm GMT.

Interclub Scotland
16 Aug 05, 18:13
Inter v Treviso 1st game.

16 Aug 05, 18:13
So it's treviso first. I don't know a lot about them except that they got in cause genoa cheated.

Martedì, 16 Agosto 2005 19:49:35
[FOTO Martedì, 16 Agosto 2005 19:49:35]

MILANO - La FIGC e Lega Calcio hanno diramato i calendari per la prossima Serie A TIM 2005/06, che comincerà il 28 agosto e terminerà il 14 maggio 2005. Per i nerazzurri debutto allo stadio "Giuseppe Meazza" contro il Treviso.
Ecco la prima giornata di Campionato :

Parma Palermo

Interclub Scotland
16 Aug 05, 18:31
2nd game Palermo (away)

3rd game Lecce (home)

16 Aug 05, 21:58
Close this thread... The schedule is up, so there is no need for it