View Full Version : FINALLY BACK

04 Aug 05, 13:59
hi all.
you probably dont remember me since i posted here only for a short time.
well one day a phuckin car (opel of course) hit me and my arm was broken for almost 2 months. now im back to post here.

04 Aug 05, 14:05
I remember you I think, well, glad everything worked out for you...
Welcome back

PS: There are lots of members coming back these days :p

04 Aug 05, 14:09
tnx mate.

it's probably coz of the vacations ;)

04 Aug 05, 14:09
Welcome back !

I hope u r fine and fully recovered from d accident :star:

I know these sort of injuries take their time to heal ... wish u all d best

Enjoy d ride @ FI ;)

04 Aug 05, 14:45
Welcome back Mate !!!
Sorry for the uncomfortable time you had, i broke my arm to few months ago.. :(

Lol it made me laugh the fact it was an Opel..