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13 Oct 05, 17:48
Thursday, 13 October 2005 17:45:42
MILAN - FIFA has announced the list of 30 nominees for the 15th FIFA World Player award. The winner will be named in Zurich on 19 December. Among the players shortlisted is Nerazzurri striker Adriano.

Adriano (Inter)
Ballack (Bayern Munich)
Beckham (Real Madrid)
Buffon (Juventus)
Cafu (AC Milan)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester Utd)
Deco (Barcelona)
Drogba (Chelsea)
Essien (Chelsea)
Eto'o (Barcelona)
Gerrard (Liverpool)
Henry (Arsenal)
Ibrahimovic (Juventus)
Kaką (AC Milan)
Lampard (Chelsea)
Maldini (AC Milan)
Nedved (Juventus)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Okocha (Bolton)
Raul (Real Madrid)
Riquelme (Villarreal)
Robben (Chelsea)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Robinho (Real Madrid)
Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Rooney (Manchester Utd)
Shevchenko (AC Milan)
Van Nistelrooy (Manchester Utd)
Zidane (Real Madrid)

I say, brilliant list, FIFA, as usual! Beckham or Okocha definitely gets my vote! Their only blunder is not including media-wh0res like Owen.


13 Oct 05, 18:46
I cant believe this..!!

Some players are nominated despite having the worst seasons of their lifetime.Others because they are soo good apparentley that all of a sudden they play for a big team...

I am willing to bet that this year the award will be like a lifetime achievement award and not based on the season...Remember those words.

13 Oct 05, 19:17
I cant believe this..!!
C'mon Z, this is FIFA we're talking about. :D What's so unbelievable or unexpected about that list? :p


Cro Nerazzurro
13 Oct 05, 19:49
this list is too stupid to comment

fifa is so stupid too

13 Oct 05, 22:16
You are right Han...I wonder if some of those players are as suprised as the readers :)

I think this one has Maldini's name on it..

Choppin Onions
18 Oct 05, 07:45
Okocha? :wth: He's been injured for ages it seems. How can he possibly be on that list.

Cafu, Maldini etc. are only their because of their name and what they did in the past. Both are past it nowadays.

18 Oct 05, 11:36
Great list :dielaugh: ..

FIFA really sucks!

18 Oct 05, 23:26
DUde FIFA is becoming another victim of overhyped english media, 11 sucky EPL players in that list. The list really os too stupid to comment on. I bet if we were MANU, we would have atleast J.Zanetti, Martins & Cordoba in that list. Looney toones with his 11 goals in last season is on that list. :finger:

22 Oct 05, 04:42
Forza Adriano !!!

It would be so nice to see an Inter player get that trophy :proud:

Just to see one in the top 30 makes me happy...

22 Oct 05, 07:43
Okocha out
Maldini out
Essien out
Beckham out
Drogba FFS out
Henry out(what did he do this year? injured anyway) :yuck:
Robben????? out
Van Nistelrooy out
Robinho out(how can a player be protesting for two months and be a nominee?)
Rooney out
Zidane out(he played well only Vs juve first leg)

How can you put Buffon when Kameni is not on the list? :lala:

FIFA :finger:

22 Oct 05, 07:44
Forgot to mention Cafu out!!!

16 Nov 05, 02:35