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28 Nov 05, 10:26
Inter are in danger of having to play more games behind closed doors following yesterday’s racist chanting at Messina.

FIFA have promised to take a hard line on any racist incidents at football matches and the club will now face punishment due to the poor behaviour of a group of their supporters.

Messina’s Marco Andre Zoro picked the ball up and threatened to leave the pitch unless the match official did something about the racist abuse to which he was being subjected.

Only the intervention of Inter’s Adriano and Obafemi Martins prevented Zoro from walking off the field in Sunday's Serie A clash.

Inter, who are held responsible for the actions of their fans, will probably receive a fine for the incident but FIFA could urge the Italian FA to impose stricter sanctions – namely the banning of supporters from home matches at the San Siro.

Such an outcome would be tough on the Milan giants who have done probably more than any other Serie A side to try to stamp racism out of football.

The Nerazzurri have also only just finished serving a three-match supporters ban in the Champions League, after a firework was thrown at Dida during last season’s European Cup defeat to Milan.


What the puck!!!!!!!

It's a plot!!! that stupid fans not true Interista!!!!!!!!!!!!

INTER vs Bilan also empty stadium????????? shit!!!! really plot!!!!!

Probably Berlusconi or Galliani!!!!!!!!!!

28 Nov 05, 10:47
This is just what we need against Bilan! http://www.bisedimet.com/phpBB2/images/smiles/bwaak.gif


Bilanhttp://www.bisedimet.com/phpBB2/images/smiles/096.gif http://www.bisedimet.com/phpBB2/images/smiles/072.gif Inter

28 Nov 05, 12:01
Oh man, fack!
I wish for a fine and nothing else.
Those pieces of shit are not Interistas...

28 Nov 05, 16:11
I think punishing every Interista in the world because of these unkown people is realy , realy unfair ..

that's it !

if we r punished and won't be able to get our fans in the derby .. I'll 100000% sure that the Gobbi or Bilan ( or both ) r involved ..

is this the only way to beat Inter ?!?!??!

29 Nov 05, 14:40
Moggi,Giraudo,Galliani like sucks garbage men... want heavy ban to Inter. like inflate a toy balloon....

Really angry. that's a plot.

29 Nov 05, 15:36
Looks like we're not getting any punishent after all. At least il Giudice Sportivo didn't punish us, because the referee and the fourth official didn't hear any racistic chants. Only Zoro and few other players on the pitch realized the situation.