View Full Version : Racism. Can we do something?

29 Nov 05, 09:52
I was thinking can we do something to it?

Like many bands have things called street teams who spread the word in the internet using banners and talking about the subjects that are related to their band in the forums. So i was thinking can we start a campaign against racism?

Here is my idea.

We could start it here from our forums. Then we could spread the word to the other fan forums too. NOt just inter forums but to all football fans all over the world. We could start an underground movement which starts to spread trough banners, forums, emails etc.etc.
I know we all hate juve and Milan fans but this is subject that we could work together. Afterall it is us who can change the things in football. It is the fans who shout to the field and it is us who can stop it.
Players and leagues have their own against racism movements so now it is time to start our own.

Is this a stupid idea?
If so then shoot this whole post down.

But if you have some better ideas you can post here freely.

29 Nov 05, 11:27
Won't make a difference, anyway... This is supposed to be happening right now... :rolleyes:

Choppin Onions
29 Nov 05, 23:03
I'm sorry to say but racism will never go completely away. There will always be ignorant scum that feel the need to make monkey noises and such. UEFA and FIFA need to hand out harsher fines to at least make fans think twice.