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19 Feb 06, 10:55
Well i was reading about Jake's and Frisko's comments (in "Interview with Catanha" thread) about our previous president Pellegrini. I was not an Inter fan back in 1994 ... and without the internet it wud be diifcult for most people (outside Italy or Europe) to know what used to happen in those days.

So fellas can u tell us something bout the Pre-Moratti era. Not stats, but facts and events.

U guys may not agree on certain issues, but plzz dont squibble ;) after all it was all that happened was more than 11 years back.

So Jake, Frisko and the other "enlightened" ones plzz take over ...

22 Feb 06, 13:19
Well, Pellegrini (our president before Moratti) knew his shit about football. He got us Trapattoni, the 3 stars of Germany (Matthaus, Brehme, Klinsmann), plus other great players such as Berti, Serena, Diaz, Mandorlini.

When we won the scudetto our rival was Napoli. We won it at the S Siro beating them 2-1 after going down 0-1. The decisive goal was by Matthaus.

The big disappointment was that after winning the title in record fashion, people were expecting us to keep it up and start a winning cycle. But things went wrong, we were knocked out of the CL by little Malmoe in the first round, and Mancini and Vialli's Sampdoria had the better of us.

We had some terrible times as well, and some awful coaches, the worst being Corrado Orrico, an idiot from Serie C who did just terrible with us.

22 Feb 06, 13:36
very interesting. go on ...

22 Feb 06, 15:19
Indeed, I'm really interested in what happened before Moratti... Any fans that were around back then: you're help is greatly appreciated :star:

btw: Nice topic Sayak ;)

25 Feb 06, 14:39
Just wanna say this cos it just came across my mind. I'd rather have 5 years of total joy and another 5 of absolute pain than a 10 years of almost-there or mediocrities.


25 Feb 06, 18:30
Who wouldn't?

Fabio ;)

19 Jun 06, 03:13
itz time 2 revive this thread ... and Frisko u r the man.

25 Jun 06, 18:41
itz time 2 revive this thread ... and Frisko u r the man.

u got that right he's been around since the dinosaurs.

02 Jul 06, 08:46
so, i guess Pellegrini was stupidier than Moratti.mmm....

02 Jul 06, 09:43
so, i guess Pellegrini was stupidier than Moratti.mmm....
Pellegrini wasn't stupid but he treated Inter much more like a business. He didn't have the heart of Moratti. Obviously in some ways that was good, he wouldn't make bad decisions based on feelings of affection etc, but in many other ways it wasn't good, we would go for the cheaper/crappier option etc.