View Full Version : is Vieira likely to go to Inter or Barca?!!!!

Hisham 10
23 Jul 06, 23:48
i know inter is the obvious better choice! but hes being linked with barca which are the champions of europe...so who would he chose if he has a choice? which is a likely destination to him!!

i think he should chose inter because even at barca he wont fit it and he has no confirmed place;) ;)

heres the link http://www.channel4.com/sport/football_italia/jul23e.html

-thanks:) :)

23 Jul 06, 23:55
there is a thread for this ;)

24 Jul 06, 00:06
Hisham Al Alawi (http://www.javierzanetti.net/forums/member.php?u=1308), could you please not open threads like this for each and every rumours. We can discuss about this rumour in the Vieira thread.;)

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