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16 Aug 06, 06:20
looking at the bottom of the forum and upcoming birthdays, Ferri's is in a few days.
now if ever a centre back deserved a thread for himself, it's Riccardo.

the young Interisti, if you don't know Riccardo, he was like Materazzi.....except he wasn't crazy and actually played fair (to an extent) and that is not an insult at Materazzi.
He was a true tough defender, never afraid to go at anything...won a scudetti with us and deserved more, a true loyal Interista.

17 Aug 06, 06:13
I found an informative post you once made a while back about Ferri, decided to put it here for everyone else since I found it interesting.

Ferri played for Inter for more than 10 years, he made his debut in the early 80's but I think it was a few years later under Radice and then Castagner where he truly established himself in the Inter team, I remember because it was that year when I truly supported Inter, and he was just a young fella with a big heart and just dominated and controlled the game easy.
He was a central defender and a great one @ that. Jordan had his Pippen, Maldini had his Costacurta...Bergomi had his Ferri, but IMO it was the other way around. Ferri was the best defender I'd seen @ Inter, because he never got beat...simple...I saw him play first hand three times and he was invincible...he was the type of player even the Milanisti couldn't hate, always had a good time and did his job, Chivu reminds me of him a lot, in all areas...obviously not upto his futebol standard yet.
I remember when Castagner got fired, the team was about to blow up...one of our first few games under Corso, there was a small brawl against Fiorentina...Ferri somehow someway controlled our players, I mean here is a young fella telling all the big boys to stay out of it, and they listened to him. He deserved to be captain for life.
He was also apart of the great Italian team in WC 1990, I mean he kept out the likes of Ago and Ferrara. He was a legend for club and country. Although I would've liked him to play on, I remember Bergomi pleaded he did..he retired before he turned into a joke, same can't be said about the likes of Berti.

Well said, bro. It's always good to learn shit.

04 Jun 15, 13:40
SempreInter interviewed him. :epicwin:


04 Jun 15, 14:26
True Interista..loved the interview thanx

04 Jun 15, 20:25
I wish we had a Riccardo Ferri in our team today. Brilliant player and a true Interista.

04 Jun 15, 20:34
that legendary bergomi ferri duo... those two arent going to let you pass without a bruise.

04 Jun 15, 21:27
Italy to win the world cup or Inter to win the CL?

Riccardo Ferri: "Inter to win the CL".

I reached a climax there.

05 Jun 15, 01:46
Italy to win the world cup or Inter to win the CL?

Riccardo Ferri: "Inter to win the CL".

I reached a climax there.

Even though I do want Italy to one day surpass Brazil in the number of won World Cup's, I would definitely say the same thing.

05 Jun 15, 19:10
That's easy to say when your country is a multiple time world cup winner.

05 Jun 15, 20:17
Country over club, any day im afraid