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Alex de Large
27 Nov 06, 22:00
He was part of the team of Inter when they won the second european cup, helping with a polemic goal aganst Pool in the semifinals, i will try to find the goal on youtube cause it's really funny. Inter was the best team of the world at that moment, Jair international with Brazil, then, lots of Italians like Mazzola, Fachetti, Picchi, Burgnich and more.... and the 2 last ones, 2 spanish players, the best midfielder of that moment and golden ball winner of 1960, Suarez, but also Peiro, who was also international with Spain, but it was one of the less popular and it's not a big name of the history of football like Suarez cause he was not at the level of the same Suarez, Mazzola etc...

From wikipedia:

Joaquín Peiró Lucas (born in Madrid, January 29, 1936) was a former Spanish football (soccer) player and manager.

During his career he played for Atlético Madrid and in Italy for Inter Milan, which won one European Cup, in Roma and Torino.

During his management career he trained Figueres, Real Murcia, Atlético Madrid and Málaga CF before retiring in 2004.

For the Spain national football team he participated in the 1962 FIFA World Cup, scoring one goal in the match against Mexico, and in 1966 FIFA World Cup.

27 Nov 06, 22:38
I THINK he was a good player but didnt get space in the team because there was already too many foreigners there...

27 Nov 06, 23:28
I believe you are right Fabio, he was only used in Europe from what I have heard if I understood right (from the gazetta docos).