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12 Feb 07, 03:50
God ****in damnit why do good ideas come to me only after the fact. Anyways I have a great idea for a new category:

Member who is the biggest chronic masterbator:

We all know it's a no-contest and Hamed wins this one by miles but I think it's a good category because it says something about the person.

Choppin Onions
13 Feb 07, 08:16
I agree.

Another suggestion would be to see the "Member most likely to come out of the closet" category. I have a feeling Hamed will take this one too.

13 Feb 07, 20:00
One more category: People that fantasize and would love for Hamed to come out of the closet.

Early nomination: B-Rad, Mike.

14 Feb 07, 07:46
I think "The best poster" category is enough for Hamed. :smileani:

19 Feb 07, 18:00
Double attack against Hamed but a reply the attackers could not even reply to. Oh-Hu.

20 Feb 07, 00:36
Look, I know you're desperate for us to have "The Ronaldo award" so you can win achieve something in your sorry soding life but no babe, not gonna waste our time on you.


20 Feb 07, 16:59
You have a Ronaldo award?

20 Feb 07, 17:01
You have a Ronaldo award?

It is a synonym for a traitor award you fool.

16 Mar 07, 12:03

20 Mar 07, 10:55
can we make the msot hated member award, Ill put hamed's house(one bedroom, no kitchen/toilet) that Shaz, Yuko and Gismo will cleannnnnnnnnnnnnn up.

20 Mar 07, 12:19

yuko is hated by most muslims here, which unfortunatly for him is a majortiy lol

where as shaz has a more even hatred level spread across the whole forum, regardless of race, colour and creed. man from all walks of life hate shahz.

gizmo is just a waste of oxygen, thus no need to really disguss him.

hamed lives in a house? :wth:

21 Mar 07, 03:48
Pabs your ability to 'spell' just keeps on getting better everyday. We should have an award for that.

We can have a "lamest poster" award. Its only fair that we should let pabs win something.
Or "Members who feel that they are trapped inside the wrong body" award. Too bad Helal cant win this one, cause he is already a tranny, but I am sure that his mates from Down Under will love to scoop another award for themselves.
Or we can have awards for a whole sect/groups, we dont need to have all the individual awards.
"Group that try to beg for attention by posting gay comments in the North Pole thread" award or
"Group that is most likely to molest fabio" award

Choppin Onions
21 Mar 07, 09:23
hamed lives in a house? :wth:

lol burn

I don't really hate anyone here seeing almost everyone is an Interista. I'm not a fan of Oleguer but thankfully he doesn't spend much time outside of the "Hip-Hop thread." Durai would have taken the cake if he was still around. I think he was universally hated by everyone

21 Mar 07, 22:54
Where the **** is Frisko?

Choppin Onions
22 Mar 07, 09:44
I been wondering the same thing. He still posts but definitely not as much as he used to. Maybe he got married and is stuck doing yard work on Sunday afternoons instead of posting on FI.... :|

22 Mar 07, 13:48
I been wondering the same thing. He still posts but definitely not as much as he used to. Maybe he got married and is stuck doing yard work on Sunday afternoons instead of posting on FI.... :|

Frisko married?? :dielaugh:

Wait till KT sees this one!

22 Jun 07, 18:28
"Lamest Poster" and "Gayest Poster" awards are classics, they should exist no question about that! and we should devide awards into, "Honorable" and "Shameful" being the good and bad awards, like the bad ones I got in the past :D

I won 3 gold and 1 silver, and I am very proud to say, they were all in the "Laziest Poster" and "Most Missed" awards!!!

How about, biggest comback award?!!! sounds good to me!

24 Jun 07, 02:01
How about, biggest comback award?!!! sounds good to me!

That's news to me. :D


29 Jun 07, 17:41
Well aren't you guys a happy family. :lol:

03 Oct 07, 09:40
Well, it is October so we should seriously start thinking about it. I will count it again. :)

07 Oct 07, 21:42
"The Hamed award"

13 Oct 07, 07:24
i like where yuko is going on this one.

naming awards after prominant members of our 'socioty'

the Hadem Malbro reds prize for outstanding service to the community

19 Oct 07, 04:45
i believe this year should be the premiere of the first annual

"Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence ",

22 Oct 07, 15:49
The Avatar Man of the Year
Woman of the year(as in best poster)
Dickhead of the Year
Worst Poster of the Year

22 Oct 07, 19:06
Suazo2929 gets the last 2 maybe 2nd too.

09 Nov 07, 09:36
like I said, we should have a "Biggest Come Back" AWARD! :D

09 Nov 07, 14:49
Azzkikr is gonna be up for some awards and I'm not :( :lol:

09 Dec 07, 19:53
the number 1 anti romanista award, due to new relevance.

the best curva nord appearance of the season :lol:

greatest bullsh!t of the year..

10 Dec 07, 11:58
Dickhead of the Year
This one I like:D

10 Dec 07, 16:59
~Farthest from normal award~
~fakest inter fan of the year~
~Pot head of the yera~