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10 Oct 07, 14:52
so now that Orsi has been sacked by livorno...

do you guys think he'll be back as mancini's assistant?

ie. Carlos Queiroz going back as ManU assistant

i quite remember him taking charge of the Inter bench when mancini was banned or something

Alex de Large
10 Oct 07, 20:30
But he has Mijajlovic now..

10 Oct 07, 23:24
he's always had mihajlovic as well

anyway, hes only been 5 months or so removed from that position?

its not like tactics and personel have changed greatly since then

11 Oct 07, 00:05
:lol: dude he left about july 2006. im pretty sure thats over a year ago. Miha nad Orsi never worked side by side with Mancini, its always been one or the other. So in answer to your question, no.

11 Oct 07, 00:07
I think Miha is good enough
we do no need him back
and I hate him for making us lose pt :P

11 Oct 07, 02:46
Thread moved.

11 Oct 07, 09:09
:lol: dude he left about july 2006. im pretty sure thats over a year ago. Miha nad Orsi never worked side by side with Mancini, its always been one or the other. So in answer to your question, no.


i thought he left in april 07 because he was offered the livorno job!!

11 Oct 07, 09:11

Orsi relishes Livorno opportunity
Wednesday 21 March, 2007
New Livorno Coach Fernando Orsi has laid out his plans for the team and assures he doesn’t feel like second choice following Gaetano Salvemini’s refusal.
Daniele Arrigoni was sacked late last night after the 4-0 defeat to Udinese – the second time he was given the boot by President Aldo Spinelli this term.

“I will try to bring my great enthusiasm to the team,” said Orsi in his presentation Press conference. “I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning to lead the first training session.

“I cannot thank President Spinelli enough for this wonderful opportunity. To begin my Coaching career in Serie A with such a prestigious side is very satisfying.”

The ex-Lazio goalkeeper has never been placed in charge of a club side before and had to terminate his contract with Inter, where he had been assistant manager to Roberto Mancini up until the summer, before accepting the post.

“I think that Livorno asked around about my qualities before contacting me. As Mancini’s second in command, I think I did some good work. He left me a lot of space, as he often listened to my ideas.”

Salvemini had been initially offered the post, but refused to take on his first bench since Monza in 2001. “I thank Spinelli, but I have made a lifestyle choice to retire and spend time with my grandchildren,” said the veteran.

Nonetheless, Orsi was happy to take the reins with a contract until June 2008, even if it did mean coming in as second choice.

“If someone passed up on the offer, then it was their mistake. I do not feel second best and, if I am here, it means I cannot be. Evidently the other candidate did not feel up to the task.”

It is quite a difficult position to be in for a first-time Coach, as the Amaranto have won just once in their last 16 Serie A games and now hover only five points above the relegation zone.

“Livorno have to rediscover the spark they had in the first few weeks of the season. I think Sunday’s 4-0 defeat at Udine was just a bad day at the office.

“I like the 4-4-2 system, but I will not exclude variants, based on the characteristics of my players. It would be stupid to start from scratch now, so I will not revolutionise Arrigoni’s work here. We can play either with Stefano Fiore behind Cristiano Lucarelli or supporting him and Paulinho.”

Orsi will have former Juventus man Luciano Spinesi as his assistant manager and Giampiero Ventrone as fitness Coach.

During the Press conference Livorno also confirmed that director general Renato Cipollini had been removed from his post, while sporting director Nelso Ricci is also at risk.

11 Oct 07, 09:13
so 7 months away from mancini and inter, yes or no?


11 Oct 07, 10:37
dude, didnt think youd stoop so low. he wasnt here for our scudetto winning season (well the 2nd one) in his year off (06/07) he was tipped to coach arezzo in serie B

Friday, 14 July 2006 16:40:41

Mihajlovic is your new assistant coach. What can he give to Inter?
"He is an expert and intelligent lad. He has been in our dressing room for two years as a player, he knows the players very well and he can be a big help. He has taken the place of Nando Orsi, who I wish the best of luck because he deserves it and he is just starting his career as a head coach."


swallow your pride and apologise ;)

11 Oct 07, 12:05
i never disagreed on miha

i disagreed on orsi

it is you who needs to swallow your pride

11 Oct 07, 12:59
exactly, you disagreed on orsi. my mancini quote (which says miha came to replace orsi) clearly shows that miha came in july 06, which means orsi left before that. not in 2007 as you were saying.

now stop being a bitch, admit your wrong and move on.

11 Oct 07, 13:03
you obviously mistook my disagreement over orsi wrongly and made it about miha

not a mistake i make

11 Oct 07, 13:16
ahhhhhhhh they're one and the same. Miha was just used to prove my point, look at you skpping the points i made.

you say orsi was here until march or so of this year, but i clearly proved he left in june/july of '06. you made a mistake, now let it go.

11 Oct 07, 13:58
I'd take Miha over Orsi any given day.

Forza ragazzi
11 Oct 07, 17:18
What's the urgent need to have Orsi back based on?