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18 Aug 04, 02:36
Valeri is currently with the Australia olympic team. I watched him a couple of times.

Inter.it forgot to mention that to us, did they?

19 Nov 07, 08:42
i dont know if nayone has been paying attention, but this guy has been starting practically every game for the australian national team.

Playing alongside Cahill, Grella and Bresciano in midfield. He was great as usual in our teams 1-0 win last week Vs Nigeria. Will be an integral part in our teams successful 2010 world cup qualifying starting soon.

19 Nov 07, 08:52
Is he still at inter:?

19 Nov 07, 09:03
As far as i knew it was a co-ownership between us and grosseto, after many loans elsewhere.. however i heard they beat us in a blind auction..

I dont know. If we missed him then shame, cause he is one of the very few who went on to do somethign decent.

19 Nov 07, 09:08
I didnt realize he was any good, to be honest.

19 Nov 07, 15:17
how old is he right now ?

Forza ragazzi
19 Nov 07, 18:35

He is still at Grosseto. He is 23 now.

22 Nov 07, 17:03
I didnt realize he was any good, to be honest.

Me neither,
Think Grossetto own 100% of him now