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01 Feb 08, 10:12
You get points for spotting each of these incidents at some point:

- Italian player making a praying gesture after committing a foul or being fouled.

- A fight between fans of any 2 countries in Group B.

- A Portuguese move involving over 10 passes resulting in a glorious opportunity which is missed.

- Germany playing shit and winning.

- England's absence http://www.soccerpulse.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

The following for English members really:

Tabloid headlines such as:

- 'Swiss on a roll/Swiss roll on'

- 'Czechmate!'

- 'Germany Annex Group B' (or something similar)

- Some pun on the word 'Dutchman'

- 'Greece lightning'

And the following pieces of commentary:

- 'And despite everything that has been said in the past, from what we've seen today this could well be Spain's year!'

- 'You just feel this tournament is lacking something...' 'Wayne Rooney?' '*much laughter*'

- 'You can never write off the Germans.'

- 'You have to say, that old statistic about the hosts always getting through appears to be in danger this time around'

- 'Well, you just feel that referees have no choice but to give the benefit of the doubt to the defender when Ronaldo goes down, because of his past...'

- 'Andreas Ivanschitz!!! Remember that name!!!'

- Martin Jol growling excitedly as Arjen Robben does ANYTHING positive.

- A 'big foreign name' (someone like Ruud Gullitt or Leonardo) talking at length about how England's absence is of great detriment to the tournament.

- 'Can Greece prove to everyone that 2004 was no fluke?'

- 'We can expect a real battle of wits/tactical game of chess tonight!'

- 'I'm not sure about this keeper, John, his handling on crosses has been very very patchy...'

- 'Polish fans out in force tonight...'

- 'The Czechs, of course, everybody's dark horse for this tournament...'

01 Feb 08, 10:35

Well I'll be sure to be on the lookout for any hot French supporters. :horny::D

01 Feb 08, 11:27

The Germans get lots of crap..I bet an englishmen wrote that ;)

Other than Berti Vogts Germany the rest have been great teams to watch..

Cro Nerazzurro
01 Feb 08, 21:56
I had a dream...Czech winning it.
Now I am sure

17 Feb 08, 17:56
Romanian and Italian beauties in the stands:D

04 Mar 08, 22:47
I look forward to see Toldo instead of Buffon :)

05 Mar 08, 14:25
Cassano unleashed on Domenech.