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11 Mar 04, 18:41
I hope this is the right place, anyhow I just thought I should come here and give some praises for the performance of the Chilean youngster during Celta’s 2-0 defeat against Arsenal. He was pretty lively throughout the game, one thing was missing though a goal...Now comes the ever important question, I heard Celta have an option to buy him at the end of the season! Please tell me it isn't true :?: :!:

11 Mar 04, 19:09
Wasn't he involved in a trouble or something few weeks back??
Glad to hear he's doing well. Yeah i heared they have the chance to buy him and not only that i heared that we co-own him with Chievo. Even if he is good he won't have any place in our crowded forward line.

11 Mar 04, 21:04
Sell him for cash IMO... our strike force is already crowded.... or atleast buy back our half from Chievo and sell it to Celta :tongue:

12 Mar 04, 07:44
I have a feeling that unless Recoba leaves, we will never see Pinilla at Inter.

12 Mar 04, 07:47
If he's really a good striker and is won't mind bench, then I won't mind him. But his arrival means that Cruz might have to leave. And our strikers :

(1) Adriano
(2) Martins
(3) Recoba
(4) Pinilla
(5) Kallon

Or just loan him for another season as well, and bring him back for the 2006 season, by then Cruz will already be out, I guess.

Handoyo ... :lol:

11 Apr 05, 06:31
Chilean wild child facing his biggest test.

With four relatively straightforward home games ahead of them, Chile are confident of making it to the WC. But where will the goals come from?

They have the worst attacking record in the SA qualifiers; Salas, struggling for so long with form and fitness, has not scored for his country since Aug 2001, and Reinaldo Navia is injured.

Chile then badly need to get their loose cannon firing in the right direction, because it seems that the keyh mand will be Mauricio Pinilla.

The bried career of Chile's wild child was aptly summarised by events during Febuary friendly agianst Ecuador. Pinilla, originally left out of the squad, fumed that his exclusion was totally unfair, and hinted that he might refuse to answer future call ups. Coach Juvenal Olmos wisely relented he was unveiling a new creative balance to his midfield and needed to see how it would click with his most explosive striker.

Pinilla appeared at half time , added potency to the attack and fired home his 4th international goal in the 3-0 win.

The combination of talent and tantrums has become Pinilla's trademark. The former took him to Inter from Unversidad di Chile after Pinilla came under the wing of former Chile and Inter striker Ivan Zamarano; the latter have latter have hindered his adaptation to European football, where so far he has kept gossip columnists busier than opposing GKs.

The Zamorano connection was Instrumental in the move to Inter, who immediately loaned him out to Chievo then to Celta Vigo. Pinilla is now with Sporting Lisbon, his 3rd European country at just 21, and fustration at a lack of first team opportunities could well mean the forward will be on the move once more at the end of the season.

While Pinilla have plenty to prove in Europe, the same is not true at international level. His goals in the WC qualifires to date - a towering header at home to Peru and an inspired volley away to Venezuala - were both decisive in narrow victories.In addition, his superb turn and burst set up Navia's equaliser away to Argentina, his run and cross supplied Mark Gonzalez with the chance with which he sealed victory in Bolivia, and his back to goal strength gave Rodrigo Melendez the platform for his strike against Uruguay.

Pinilla, then has played a part in half of Chile's 10 goals in the campaign. In so doing he has shown all-round attributes of the game - power, pace, balance, aerial ablilty, right foot finishing and confidence to try his tricks.

"Nobody tells me what to do, and what I get up to off the pitch is my busines." he says." If I'm playing well, as I believe I have for Chile, then I'm doing my job."

This year with the WC qualification at stake his job description is much more demanding

CLub : Sporting Lisbon (Por)
Country : Chile
Born : Feb 4th, 1984 in Santiago
Previous CLubs : Univesidad de Chile, Inter, Chievo, Celta Vigo
International debut : March 2003 v Peru
International Caps : 14 (4 gols)

Taken from April 2005 WS

THe big question is, Is he still under contract to Inter?

11 Apr 05, 07:35
One of me best mates is a Sporting fan, and I was asking him about how Pinilla was going, and he said to me that from the start he got on the bad side of the fans, because Sporting didn't start off to well, and Pinilla went and criticised the fans.
Doesn't help also when Lisbon's other striker, Liedson explodes big time, 24 goals in 27 matches, whilst Pinillar has only scored 2 in 13 matches. From what I know, he is still under contract with Inter until 2007.


11 Apr 05, 12:41
I think he's got too much of an ego, and that wouldn't do in Inter, where we already have two big superstars in Adriano and Martins. If he wants to come back, he'll have to stay on the bench, and judgin by that report, and catanha's post, I don't think he wants to.

29 Apr 05, 01:14
Pinilla thunderbolt gives Sporting edge

LONDON, April 28 (Reuters) - Chile striker Mauricio Pinilla boosted Sporting's hopes of playing in the UEFA Cup final in their own Alvalade stadium with a scorching winner in the semi-final first leg against AZ Alkmaar on Thursday.

The substitute unleashed a dipping shot from 30 metres that blazed past Henk Timmer 10 minutes from time to hand the Portuguese side a 2-1 win to take to the Netherlands next week.

The other tie between twice winners Parma and CSKA Moscow ended in a tepid goalless draw at the Tardini stadium. Serie A strugglers Parma, as in previous rounds, fielded a virtual reserve side but CSKA were unable to take advantage in front of just over 7,000 fans. Sporting, who have not won a European Trophy since the Cup Winners' Cup in 1964, needed a moment of sublime inspiration from substitute Pinilla to forge ahead against a resilient AZ.

The injury-hit Dutch side, beaten finalists in 1981, soaked up long periods of pressure but were always dangerous on the counter-attack. Having never lost a European tie at their tiny Alkmaarderhout stadium AZ are still very much in the tie.

AZ, who lined up with Robin Nelisse as a lone striker and packed the midfield, went ahead against the run of play on 36 minutes with their first chance, a right-wing cross from Kew Jaliens falling for Denny Landzaat to sweep a low first-time shot past Ricardo.

The lead lasted barely a minute, however, as Cameroonian Rodolph Douala took advantage of a lucky ricochet to lash home a fierce low shot past Timmer.

29 Apr 05, 16:27
I watched Sporting 4-0 Newcastle a while back where Pinilla came on as a substitute too, and he looked quite good - if not a bit lazy.

Great to hear about his goal vs AZ!

Fabio :thumbsup:

29 Apr 05, 21:05
Pinilla scored again!

30 Apr 05, 20:33
I still doubt he'll come back unless he goes on some amazing goal run. Then instead of bringing him back we can sell him for profit. :star:

02 May 05, 10:34
Mauricio Pinilla scored a hat trick yesterday against Braga :star:

02 May 05, 11:43
BDragon2k2 can tell the future, is this the goal run?!?!?! :eek:

Fabio :D

03 May 05, 11:24
I still doubt he'll come back unless he goes on some amazing goal run.
I dont think heīll come back anymore. In fact, i dont think we even own him anymore. Last summer Pinilla signed a four-year deal with Sporting Club de Portugal and i read Sporting obtained his rights from Inter.

05 May 05, 01:09
In fact, i dont think we even own him anymore.

I don't know Don T, something tells me he is still assoicated with us:

UEFA Cup: Sporting suffer injury blow

LONDON, May 4 (Reuters) - Sporting Lisbon's dream of winning the UEFA Cup in their own stadium has taken a late hit with their in-form striker Mauricio Pinilla ruled out of Thursday's semi-final return at AZ Alkmaar with a thigh injury.

The Chile international scored a spectacular long-range goal to give Sporting a 2-1 lead after last week's first leg in Lisbon and grabbed a hat-trick in the league at Braga on Sunday before suffering the injury in a training session.

Pinilla, who has shrugged off recent critical remarks by the Chile national coach about his lifestyle, had staked a claim for a starting place after coming on as a substitute to secure the first-leg victory and would have been a potent threat.

:depress: :depress: :depress: :depress:
He's got an inter player written all over him. So sorry for him, he was having a hot streak, I hope he recovers in time.

08 May 05, 06:09
Yes, sweet!!

Mauricio Pinilla is half owned by Sporting Lisboa, and half owned by Internazionale FC.

Chievo have no rights to the player...phew! I thought we had sold him off.

08 May 05, 11:55
that's great news. I think we're playing our cards right with this player. He's obviously got a lot of talent and we're giving him a chance to play for a very good team on a somewhat regular basis. We can get him back and he may be the next Ivan Zamorano. What a dream come true that would be.

He looks a bit like Zamorano too. Long black hair with a headband. Then again, all Chileans seem to look like this. :dielaugh:

He's averaging a goal every 141.8 mins, not bad for a guy who's only made 6 starts (15 appearances).


26 Jun 05, 23:16
Yes, sweet!!

Mauricio Pinilla is half owned by Sporting Lisboa, and half owned by Internazionale FC.

Chievo have no rights to the player...phew! I thought we had sold him off.
Is that true? Any source?

I read this a while ago and iīm kinda confused if we own him or not.

Chilean Mauricio Pinilla signs with Sporting
Lisbon, Portugal (Sports Network) - Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla signed a four-year deal with Sporting Club de Portugal.

The 20-year-old Pinilla was originally brought to Italy by Inter Milan last season. Last season, though, he was on loan from Chievo Verona at Celta Vigo. Sporting now gains 50 percent ownership of the talented youngster after obtaining his rights from Inter.
If weīd own half of him, then wouldnīt they have said after obtaining half of his rights from Inter?

I found this from footballportugal.com ->


Sporting have signed a four-year deal with Chilean international striker Mauricio Pinilla. Sporting have paid 1m euros for the 20-year-old, who spent the second part of last season on loan at Celta de Vigo from AC Chievo Verona. The Lisbon side will own 50 per cent of the player, while Chievo will retain the other half.

I also found this article just few minutes ago...

Underused Pinilla wants out of Sporting Lisbon at end of season
AFP, March, 2005

LISBON (AFP) — Chilean international striker Mauricio Pinilla wants to leave Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon at the end of the season unless he is given more time on the pitch, his lawyer said.

"As things stand now, there is no possibility that Pinilla will stay at Sporting," Rocco Dozzini told Lisbon-based Radio Renascenca, adding the 21-year-old needed to be used more often to develop his skills.

"There is a very important club in Italy that wants Pinilla," he added.

Dozzini said he had attempted to negotiate Pinilla's exit ...
Why doesnīt Inter inform itīs fans about who they own and so. Itīs very frustrating and somewhat very hard to find such an information sometimes...

27 Jun 05, 00:17
Why doesnīt Inter inform itīs fans about who they own and so. Itīs very frustrating and somewhat very hard to find such an information sometimes...

Tell me about it man. Finding news is like mystrey hunting for us, maybe inter.it wants us to become journalists, I am close to being one.

14 Jul 05, 05:04
I like this kid, he's what.. like 20 years old or sumthin. would be pretty good off the bench. he has a great future, hopefully he doesnt turn into a "Salas" lol :D which i greatly doubt

14 Jul 05, 05:08
I like this kid, he's what.. like 20 years old or sumthin. would be pretty good off the bench. he has a great future, hopefully he doesnt turn into a "Salas" lol :D which i greatly doubt

Are you from Chile? If you are what else can you tell us about the guy. I only heard he left his girlfriend pregnant .... weird story anyway and that is why he is not with us.

15 Jul 05, 05:27
yea im from Chile but i dont know about that girlfriend thing. what i do know is Zamorano told Moratti about Pinilla, signed him for like 1 million, then loaned to Chievo. bla bla bla ended up in sporting lisbon.

The reason why hes not with Inter, well why i think is cuz Inter doesnt think hes that good. lol. its prolly just a favor for Bam Bam

what else i can tell u?!?! oh in his debut he came on as a sub and scored 2 goals with his head. hes very good in the air! great leaping ability. Thats one thing u can say about Chilean soccer players they sure know how to give good head...ers, LOL :dielaugh:

03 Jan 06, 11:09
Mauricio Pinilla has moved to Racing Santander on loan from both Inter and Sporting.
Racing seems to be our partners in La Liga as well.


Mauricio Pinilla

03 Jan 06, 12:00
Dalmat and now Pinilla, oh well I hope Pinilla fares a bit better than Dalmat has there!

Fabio ;)

03 Jan 06, 15:44
Well Primo had mentioned that Pinilla was doing pretty well for Sporting ... any one backing or opposing his observations ?

03 Jan 06, 20:27
haha this must be old kallon i rember him lol wat was he doing at da club hahaa

03 Jan 06, 22:09
Hmm, 3-way player ownership/loan, a specialty of Inter:D

03 Jan 06, 22:33
we must have done all kind of transfers, and probaly invest some of them... :)

04 Jan 06, 00:51
It looks like he will never wear the black & blue. I was interested in what he had but not as vividly now, if he plays for Racing now is because he is just being found a club and he is not considered highly in our plans (aka Dalmat).

04 Jan 06, 08:12
Wrong thread, but is Dalmat our's anymore?

By the way, I never would never him back anymore. Have you heard how ignorant ******* he was for Racing. I don't think up he has shown up for the trainings, though he had order to come back on last thursday! Now he's making his own career bad.

04 Jan 06, 08:42
Dalmat is no longer with us in any capacity ... anyway bad to hear him ruining his own career ... he had a stellar time at Spurs couple of seasons back. :stuckup:

18 Aug 07, 15:30
Pinilla back at Hearts after loan


Hearts striker Mauricio Pinilla has returned to the Edinburgh club following a controversial loan spell with Universidad de Chile.

The 23-year-old returned to his homeland for six months after failing to settle at Tynecastle.
But his time there became front page news following allegations of secret meetings with the wife of Chile captain Luis Jimenez.
Pinilla flew to Austria with the squad on Wednesday for two pre-season games.

There had also been reports that he was considering quitting football.
But his agent, Hugo Rubio, insisted that the player would honour his contract and was looking forward to the coming season with Hearts. Pinilla, still 50% owned by Inter Milan, had spells with the Italian club, Chievo, Celta Vigo, Racing Santander and Sporting Lisbon before moving to Tynecastle last summer. He started just four games for Hearts last season, scoring three goals.

18 Aug 07, 17:24
Omg.... He had an affair with Jimenez's wife.

I strangely find that amusing...

18 Aug 07, 17:50

22 yr old Jimenez is married?!

Forza ragazzi
18 Aug 07, 22:21
And there were wispers he was the new Zamorano :lol:

14 Apr 13, 14:39

15 Apr 13, 11:30
- i hate Mauricio Pinilla .

15 Apr 13, 12:42
I like him a lot, he was the only player i wasn't against in January. All we were linked to. The rest were Boriello, Rocchi, Bobadilla, and other shit.

15 Apr 13, 14:41
yea, he is kind of underrated. bit to lazy for my taste though.

15 Apr 13, 14:54
If he wasn't so lazy he would've been great player. He has every attribute to be one, shame for the talent it never worked out.

15 Apr 13, 15:25
IIRC, according to reports, Cagliari also threw out some ridiculous valuation like 18mil when we inquired about him. A number that would have to be cut by more than half to be even remotely not ridiculous.

15 Apr 13, 20:16
The problem is that all italian clubs are askng too much from us. We should look for new players to the bundesliga and french league.

15 Apr 13, 22:54
Him, Denis, and Klose would have definately done well for us, but yah all of them are 7-12 mill players, not more than that.

16 Apr 13, 10:45
So, he just admitted he dived for the penalty :lol:

16 Apr 13, 11:09
Could face two game ban for his dive.

16 Apr 13, 11:51
Could face two game ban for his dive.

Can't say it wouldn't be deserved. Maybe they'll lessen it for admission.

16 Apr 13, 12:59
Are they gonna ban the dumb-ass ref that was fooled awarded it.

16 Apr 13, 17:20
So they ban Pinilla and not the ref :trollol:

16 Apr 13, 17:30
he dived and he admit it. One word: stupid :lol:

19 Apr 13, 08:36
he dived and he admit it. One word: stupid :lol:

Should have admitted it in the game, afterwards it is stupid, indeed.

19 Apr 13, 08:40
No action against Pinilla nor the ref.

19 Apr 13, 08:42
How come? Didn't they already gave 2 match ban to Pinilla, or it was revoked?

19 Apr 13, 12:30
How come? Didn't they already gave 2 match ban to Pinilla, or it was revoked?

No, they were considering it but no action:

Today the Disciplinary Commission released its reasoning for the decision not to punish Pinilla, explaining video evidence showed “there was effectively contact between the two players, as their left knees collided.

“It was a contact of dubious regularity and very small, the effects of which were accentuated by Pinilla due to a habit (correction, bad habit) that is seen by many and varied players on a weekly basis.

“It is therefore conduct that should be criticised, but not the kind that can be called ‘evident simulation’ as in the rules of the spot, as Pinilla’s obvious fall to the ground was still correlated to an initial physical contact with the opponent.

“We cannot evaluate with certainty what effects that contact had, to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. Therefore, the Disciplinary Commission has decided not to take any action against Pinilla.”

He misses the next game due to yellow cards tho.

01 Jul 14, 09:57
He now has a new tattoo 'One centimeter from glory' :lol:


01 Jul 14, 10:30
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

01 Jul 14, 12:23
What about penalty miss? Mind tattooin that also?