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04 Jun 08, 22:25

Romania won it for me beating Turkey in the final

04 Jun 08, 22:49
Fu*ck man, that was a pretty thought tournament. Took me half an hour to decide.

Yeah Romania won it for me as well. Holaayloya!!!!.

There was something about the cute smile on that Turkish chick, that saw her make it to the semis. I know most of you wont like her, but she had a smile, and that smile said something. Something like, I would be so freaky in bed, you cant even imagine. That was one of the main reason she beat the stiff competition in Group A from Switzerland.

Turkey played Germany in the semifinals. So it was this smile which revealed a 1000 words, or the big cans, perfect skin coloured hottie. Very tough match, but I decided I had enough of the freaky stuff in bad. The German chick was naughty and classy at the same time. She had it in her eyes, she had one of the boner eyes, and they were speakin, yuo like it dirty, I'll give you dirty!!!

The other semifinal was between the eventual winner Romania and France. Now most of you would go for Romania very easily. Eva Green's pic doesnt justify her. I have had a huge huge crush on Eva green, ever since I saw Dreamers. I dreamt ever day, that it was me in the bath tub with her, rather than her brother. So this was really hard for money. I started at both the pics for 5 minutes. I guess Eva Green was unlcuky with her pic. Even though I knew that was not the real Eva that I love, it still had some effects on me, and miss Romania went through to the final to face Germany.

The final. I just couldnt decide Eva Padberg of Germany vs Alina Vacariu of Romania. Germany's eyes said I would do dirty things to you, Romania's eyes said, I'll let you do dirty things to me. Romania's eyes were very sweet, but if you look at her eyes long enough, and stare deep down in oyur computer screen, you could see she wanted to play. Germany had the best skin colour, there was just something about it. Romania had bigger cans. I just couldnt decide a winner. So it went to penalties, I decided to whack off to both Germany and Romania separately, and I enjoyed it more with Romania.

And thats how Romania won the European cup.

Special shout out to Julie Ordon of Switzerland. She crshed out in the Quarters, but only cause she had met the eventual winner Romania.

05 Jun 08, 09:06
Romania beat Turkey in the final... Dammit there are so many hotter Italians, it's a conspiracy!

Edit: Just read Shahz post very insightful...

05 Jun 08, 11:26
Romania-Germany finals for me.
I am going for Germany.

05 Jun 08, 21:32
France will be the winner.

06 Jun 08, 08:04

06 Jun 08, 09:34
Romania deserved it.

06 Jun 08, 13:44
The polish represantative here is no one else but

Joanna Krupa

The swimsuit-girl of the year 2007, or something. The pictures here, are very unfair in my opinion :P

I think if you take a look at this(18 years required!!!), you will in most of the cases change your mind pretty quick.


10 Jun 08, 14:30
I think the main reason that most of all choose the Romanian is because the italian and french ones are piss poor at the first place.

The winner: Czech Republic
Runner-up: Greece