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31 Aug 04, 20:19
The transfer market has closed and it is now decided what the squad will be for this season (well, until January at least). This is our squad:


1. Francesco Toldo
12. Alberto Fontana
15. Fabian Carini
71. Alex Cordaz


2. Ivan Cordoba
3. Nicolas Burdisso
4. Javier Zanetti
11. Sinisa Mihajlovic
13. Jose Z Maria
16. Giuseppe Favalli
23. Marco Materazzi
24. Carlos Gamarra
26. Giovanni Pasquale
38. Paolo Dellafiore
77. Francesco Coco


5. Emre
6. Cristiano Zanetti
7. Andy Van der Meyde
8. Edgar Davids
14. Juan Veron
18. Kily Gonzalez
19. Esteban Cambiasso
21. Giorgos Karagounis
25. Dejan Stankovic
28. Mario Rebecchi
??. Nicola Beati


9. Julio Cruz
10. Adriano
20. Alvaro Recoba
30. Obafemi Martins
32. Christian Vieri
99. Lampros Choutos


That means we have a squad of 32 players. That sure is a difference since what Facchetti said about having a 25-men squad.

31 Aug 04, 20:32
Here are the depth squads. Of course based on what I might think we will play this season, along with how I think Mancini is thinking.

Starting Lineup


2nd Lineup


3rd Lineup


31 Aug 04, 20:41
nice stuff jimmy...it's crazy we got 2 teams ...!

31 Aug 04, 21:53
nice stuff jimmy...it's crazy we got 2 teams ...!

You mean 3 right? :grin:

Fabio ;)

31 Aug 04, 21:57
It's amzing how in our third team we have players with the ability such as:

Ze Maria


Wow,well thats the squad that will either take us to glory or lose us all our pride (or whats left of it!). :stress:

Fabio :doh:

31 Aug 04, 21:58
almoste 3..Anyway Dellafiore and Biati are not in the squad list. And I daubt that he will use Vieri and Adriano at the same time. here is mine

--Ze Maria--Davids--Veron--Stankovic----

Vieri will only play when Adriano is injured or needs a rest.

Matrix and Burdisso will share that position
Martins and Recoba will do the same

J zanetti
31 Aug 04, 22:11
Playing Adriano and Bobo at the same time would be a suicidal move.

I was hoping Mancini will understand this issue. But unfortunatly he seem to be bussy trying to create starting roles for his buddies (Mihajlovic, Bobo) so I wouldnt be surprise if I see Bobo alongside Adrinao against Chievo! :rolleyes:
Anyhow Jimmy, Im fully with you on your " main"starting lineup but the front 2. I will have either Oba or Chino next to Adriano depending on their form. ;)

31 Aug 04, 22:14
Here are my 3 lineups -

1st lineup


2nd lineup


3rd lineup


1st lineup -
No comment

2nd lineup -
I would like Carini,if he is not with us then Fontana
Coco can play on the right
Imagine Materazzi - Mihajlovic, what a tough defense

3rd lineup -
I would prefer Fontana but if he has to go to no.2 because of Carini then put Cordaz there

Fabio ;)2

01 Sep 04, 02:33
A very sad case that Cannavaro's gone, and we only got Carini in return. :( But what's done is done.

My line-ups are about the same as I Love Inter!, except that Recoba is in the first team in place of Martins.

And, Jimmy, how do you make those kind of line-ups? With the green field, and the names.

01 Sep 04, 05:36
Ashkan, Im with you completely. That kind of pairing along with Ze Maria in the starting lineup, is an influence from Mancini.

Scutzon, its an HTML code from my website and then I click on print screen and post it as an image. Its not something you normal people can do. :p:D

01 Sep 04, 13:09
There are still some numbers to decide. Heres my preferences:

Fabian Carini: 22 (if God forbid he stays and get screwed)
Nicolas Burdisso: 3
Carlos Gamarra: 24
Nicola Beati: 15
Mario Rebecchi: 28
Lampros Choutos: 17

01 Sep 04, 14:12
If we want to get rid of one the keepers, how do we do that? With the transfers window closed? That's still not very clear to me.

Beati+Della Fiore are not in the squad at Inter.it. I hardly consider Cordaz and Carini as members of the team, and same goes for Choutos. Even if they all stay, they're players that know for sure that they won't ever play.

Thier situation is different from other players', like Karagounis for example, who knows that it'll be hard for him to play, but he can still have a chance.

This reduced the squad to 27 players, just 2 more than Facchetti's prediction.

01 Sep 04, 15:23
Beati is in the squad ,but there is still no Dellafiore :confused: Can he play for Primavera ?How old is he ?

01 Sep 04, 15:43
But what I mean is that these minuscle players could play in our 3rd lineup which is amazing! :D

Fabio ;)

J zanetti
01 Sep 04, 15:56
Ashkan, Im with you completely. That kind of pairing along with Ze Maria in the starting lineup, is an influence from Mancini.

Im glad we are on the same wavelength!
However, I sincerely hope that Mancini isnt that biased and plays Bobo along side Adriano just because they are good buddies!
Having said that we all know that Canna's and Adani's departure does certainly benefit Mihajlovic! :mad:
Hopefully Mancini can stick to his word and do not field Bobo and Adriano together unless neccersary!

01 Sep 04, 16:46
Squad for champions:

No Coco, Choutos and Beati and Rebecchi.Why no Rebecchi ?
There is Carini.

1 Toldo Francesco
12 Fontana Alberto
15 Carini Fabian

Difensori :

2 Cordoba Ivan Ramiro
3 Burdisso Andres
4 Zanetti Javiervier
11 Mihajlovic Sinisa
13 Z Maria
16 Favalli Giuseppe
23 Materazzi Marco
24 Gamarra Carlos
26 Pasquale Giovanni

Centrocampisti :

5 Emre Belozoglu
6 Zanetti Cristianoistiano
7 van der Meyde Andy
8 Davids Edgar
14 Veron Juan Sebastian
18 Kily Gonzlez Cristian
19 Cambiasso Esteban Matias
21 Karagounis Giorgos
25 Stankovic Dejan

Attaccanti :

9 Cruz Julio Ricardo
10 Adriano
20 Recoba Alvaro
32 Vieri Christian

Lista B :

35 Impagnatiello Moreno (portiere)
38 Dellafiore Paolo Hernan (difensore)
39 Fautario Simone (difensore)
40 Giani Nicolas (difensore)
41 Visconti Flavio (difensore)
42 Semenzato Daniele (difensore)
43 Adeshokan Saidi Oluseyi (centrocampista)
44 Laribi Omar (centrocampista)
30 Martins Obafemi (attaccante)
45 Bilardo Francesco (attaccante)
46 Carboni Yrius Francesco (attaccante)
71 Cordaz Alex (portiere)

01 Sep 04, 16:51
So it's confirmed that Carini is with us,yes yes this is the whole squad basically.Strange about Coco! :confused:

In the B team apart from Martins obviously the likes of Dellafiore,Giani and Cordaz are the best there!;)2

Fabio :cool:

01 Sep 04, 16:53
I phucking don't believe this. :eek: No Coco... I'm already starting to dislike Mancini.

01 Sep 04, 16:56
So were gonna have four keepers this season? Incredible...

01 Sep 04, 17:09
Wait wait there is an explanation for everything and here is Mancini's:


Appiano Gentile - ''A decision to ensure a gradual recovery.''This is Roberto Mancini's explanation on the reason as to why Francesco Coco was not included in Inter's Champions League list.
''Francesco has worked alot and has shown a great will during the summer - explains the manager -,but he has just come off of a grave injury.That is the reason I have not chosen him in the Champions League list,but gradually will be able to compete,the recovery has been going on for the last few months so we can get him into top condition for the rest of the season where everybodies contribution will help.''

Fabio ;)2

01 Sep 04, 17:11
From Inter.it

APPIANO GENTILE - "This decision was made to help him make a gradual recovery." With these words Roberto Mancini explained Francesco Coco's exclusion from the Nerazzurri's Champions League player list.

Mancini added: "Francesco has worked long and hard during the summer, but he's back after a serious injury and almost a whole season without playing professional football. This is why we decided not to include him in the Champions (League) list. He'll therefore have the chance to gradually complete the recovery he started several months ago so we can have him in top condition for the rest of a long season in which everyone's contribution is required."

Hmmm....this sounds very strange....

01 Sep 04, 17:16
Looks like Facchetti and Moratti have taught Mancio to lie. It really seems to be a shaky excuse.

01 Sep 04, 17:16
Omg what about Martins??? What the hell is he doing in the B list????? :mad: :mad:

Is it because he's young? But is he available for selection the same way as the others?

01 Sep 04, 17:55
Yes Martins can play with us but if we put him in the A team then we wouldn't have been able to have another player in the A team!

Understand? ;)

Fabio :)

01 Sep 04, 17:59
Omg what about Martins??? What the hell is he doing in the B list????? :mad: :mad:

Is it because he's young? But is he available for selection the same way as the others?

The B-list players are available the same way as the A-list players.

"The B list of players (those born after 1 January 1983 and at Inter for at least two seasons since turning 15)"

01 Sep 04, 18:52
Looks like Facchetti and Moratti have taught Mancio to lie. It really seems to be a shaky excuse.
Lie? :D Youre cracking me up here... Of course it is not a lie! We are Inter, we have a concience... :scream:

Dude, think what you want... :) But this is just funny... :dielaugh:

Now your rage towards the Canna deal has to go out on Mancini? :wth:

01 Sep 04, 18:54
I have no doubts in my mind that the reason why Coco is included is due to his injuries. For about a year we rushed his come-back and he kept getting injured. Were going for a different approach this season. Hes still relatively young, so this season will be to get him back to complete recovery.

01 Sep 04, 19:10
Yeah, I don`t understand why people are mad that Coco isn`t included. He`s practically been injured for 2 years and now that we have a reliable left back in Favalli I see no reasons to rush Coco back.

01 Sep 04, 20:10
I think its a good decision to not list him in the squad though I don't see why him not being listed helps in his recovery. I guess it forces Mancini not to be able to call him up but is that really needed?

01 Sep 04, 20:28
Can we add Coco to the list in January?

01 Sep 04, 21:07
I think that we can Frisko!;)

Fabio :)

01 Sep 04, 21:32
your righ, but as I remember it, u can first add some new faces after the group stage.

01 Sep 04, 22:31
I thought that it was so strange at first, that Coco wasn't included. I mean I understand giving him time to recover, but why keep him out of the CL?
Then I remembered that if you buy players in January and they haven't played in the CL with other teams, they can play.

That means that you can submit a new list after the group stage, and Coco could be included.

02 Sep 04, 05:34
Out of all those players this is my list for the people who actually have love for the nerazzurri shirt.

Capitano, Cordoba, Matrix, Recoba, Toldo?

btw, thats in order.

02 Sep 04, 09:06
I personally feel that Fontana, Emre, Stankovic, Martins, Vieri and Adriano also show a lot of love for this shirt.

02 Sep 04, 11:23
Okay, all players except one has been given a number now:

Nicolas Burdisso - #3
Fabian Carini - #15
Carlos Gamarra - #24
Mario Rebecchi - #28
Lampros Choutos - #99

The oly player without a number is Nicola Beati. I think his injuries are really serious.

99 for Choutos. Show-off number completely. I dislike that Carini was given 15 and not 22.

The rest were expected.