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Nero Indigo
21 Dec 09, 13:15
This is my first attempt at a new thread. I was shocked to find that Luigi "GiGi" Di Biagio was not a part of the former Inter players section. I find this very hard to understand, as I feel he should even be a part of La Grande Inter.


Luigi Di Biagio
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''Luigi di Biagio (born June 3, 1971 in Rome) is an Italian former football defensive midfielder, who last played for Ascoli Calcio 1898 (200607).

Prior to join Ascoli, Di Biagio played for Lazio (198889), Monza (198992), Foggia (199295), AS Roma (199599), Internazionale (19992003) and Brescia Calcio (20032006). He was capped 31 times for Italy, scoring two goals. He played for his country in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups, as well as Euro 2000, when he did connect in a penalty shootout against the Netherlands and where he scored against Sweden. It was the first penalty he shot after the infamous miss during 1998 World Cup which eliminated Italy from the competition.

Di Biagio signed for Ascoli on November 2006, but the bid was not considered to be valid by the federation, since the player was not released for free by Brescia before the June 30 deadline. The bid was therefore postponed on January 2007, and in the meantime Di Biagio went on training with Ascoli, and played from November to December with Promozione club Polisportivo La Storta from Rome, coached by his friend and former Dundee F.C. and Lazio footballer Alessandro Romano. Di Biagio played his first Ascoli match on January 14, 2007, against Cagliari. [2] He successively retired at the end of the season, and returned at amateurs La Storta as a youth coach.''

Club honours
F.C. Internazionale Milano
Serie A: runner-up 200203
Coppa Italia: runner-up 2000
Supercoppa Italiana: runner-up 2000

As a fan, I remember him being a tough tackler and an excellent header of the ball. He was extremely good at set piece headers (especially from corners) despite his height (1.75 m - 5 foot 9 inches) and had a rocket of a right foot (scored some long distance shots). Strong in the air and a defensive stalwart in midfield - a hustler for the full 90 mins who constantly pressured ball huggers with constant/consistent tackling and was quite a capable passer. He was one of those "in your face" players, who didn't take nonsense on the field. Definitely one my favourite ever Inter players: a hardworker who played his heart out in the Black and Blue - He was once a key element in the enigmatic Inter midfield of the late 90's - early 2000. A champion in my book.

Unfortunately, He was sold under Hector Cuper, after they had a bust up (or so I heard) even though he did not want to leave. It was quite painful for me - He played with us from 1999 to 2003. I really felt that Inter spirit in him. Grande GiGi - Forza Inter!

The only video I could find showcasing him: a good one at that:


P.S. I don't know how to put a poll in this - because I'd like for people to vote on whether he should be in La Grande Inter. I know what my vote is going to be.

21 Dec 09, 22:48
I liked him. When I was younger I thought the commentators were idiots or something because I thought he was Roberto Baggio and the kept on miss pronouncing his name. In Fifa 2003, I realized that he was someone entirely different but by that time it was too late and he had already been sold to Brescia.

22 Dec 09, 02:52
Passionate player, but would hardly say he is a legend..but then again, seeing some of the names that are already there, it wouldn't surprise me. I believe most will remember him for his choking personality...funny I know.


22 Dec 09, 05:45
La Grande Inter for this guy? :D No way Jose

He's decent and that's all. But one thing I cannot forget is his shambolic attitude in his last season with us (02/03). There are many matches in which he just walk around lazily around the pitch, almost Ibra-like and this is of course unacceptable considering the fact that he was a freaking DM.

22 Dec 09, 07:19
World Cup 98... Penalty miss... Italy knocked out by eventual winners... I'll never forget it. He was a great player no doubt but no way La Grande Inter.

22 Dec 09, 18:31
I saw nothing special at this guy.

22 Dec 09, 19:10
I seem to mostly remember his backheads, he had learned a great way to head the ball behind very well. I have yet to see another player do that.

Bob Sacamano
01 Jul 13, 22:29
According to the Twitteraccount of Gianluca DiMarzio, DiBiagio will be appointed as the new Azzurrini manager.

02 Jul 13, 19:43
According to the Twitteraccount of Gianluca DiMarzio, DiBiagio will be appointed as the new Azzurrini manager.

Hope he'll do a better job than Mangia there (which tbh would be quite easy for him).

02 Jul 13, 19:52
4 seasons in Inter as player?

Expecting to see Italy u-21 holding key-players:

Bardi, Bianchetti, Pasa, Biraghi, Benassi...