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11 Oct 04, 13:18
Funny quotes taken out of context. If you have some post them here. IŽll begin with this one:

Dr. Massimo Moratti
"It's not a question of changing just for the sake of changing, because there would be no point in that." :eek::shock::lol:

11 Oct 04, 15:00
Dr. Massimo Moratti. Doctorate in what? Sheer stupidity? :wallbang: I bet he trades his rich oil sources with dry ones as well. :wallbang:


11 Oct 04, 17:32
Dr. Massimo Moratti. Doctorate in what?

:howler::dielaugh: Hilarious!! :D:D

11 Oct 04, 17:54
ItŽs kinda ironic that they call him Dr. in Italy. Doctorate in The French Revolution perhaps. :D

11 Oct 04, 19:26
Guys , After all Mr.Moratti did for us and how many blunders he did , But i really respect this guy , I believe that he loves inter deeply . he is very kind , He always support the team and visit them . He is popular and he is charismatic to the players and if it isn't for Dr.Moratti , Mancio wouldn't have come here .

So I'd be appreaciated if we forgive him for all his mistakes . Afterall we are all human beings , Nobody is perfect . I would seek this also from you guys . We should support Dr.Moratti and laugh at how hatred someone's like Moggi is .