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17 Oct 04, 21:06
1) The deadline for suggestion of categories is 17 November, exactly a month from today. No suggestion will be accepted after that. Please make all suggestions here (http://forza-inter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=850). If you feel that the topic is too cramp and fear that your very good suggestion may be overlooked though, feel free to open a new topic but please don't overdo it.

2) Accepted suggestion (Management and voice of public will decide) will be put on this (http://forza-inter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=849) topic and only those will be up for grabs.

3) You can and have to make 3 choices for your votes. First choice will get 3 points, second choice will get 2 points and third choice will get 1 point. Please be as clear as possible in your votes. Example of a clear vote:
Poster of the year
1st - Hahaha
2nd - Hihihi
3rd - Huhuhu
Example of a vague and unclear vote:
Rookie of the year
1 - Hohoho
2 - Hehehe
3 - Hahihuheho
This will confuse us, as we wouldn't know if you think Hohoho is the first choice or you are giving Hohoho just 1 point. If your vote is considered unclear and you did not select 3 choices, it will be uncounted.

4) Voting will begin in 17 November and will end at 31 December. You can only make your vote in this (http://forza-inter.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=852&sid=9f7f649ba1d41db577eb4d6689c2f699) topic. All votes will then be counted and results will be released a few days after the new year.

5) Do not cheat by multiple-registering and vote for yourself.

6) Most important rule of all, have fun and don't be hating if you don't win. :)


NB: These Rules are not official and final yet. If you have any suggestion for additional rules or unhappy about one section of the rule, raise your voice here and it will be taken into careful consideration. Similar as the suggestion for categories, no addition or suggestion for rules will be accepted after 17 November.

NB2: My English in this post is p!ss poor and if you wish to improve it, don't be shy to raise your voice here. ;)

17 Jan 05, 18:02
I just hope Han counted the votes already, otherwise this is a big loss and a great shame.

17 Jan 05, 18:13
Yes, he did. The same with this weeks prediction league. It was all saved before we installed the old database.

17 Jan 05, 18:31
Great stuff :)

05 Dec 05, 16:43
As the Forza Inter Oscars 2005 polls are about to start, let me recap and refresh the rules for this year's polls.

1) You may provide up to 3 choices for each category.
2) Please label the choices clearly.
[list:a9a31714cb]a) For example, your first choice for 'Category A' is Adriano, 2nd choice 'Cambiasso' and 3rd, 'Zanetti'. Therefore, list your choices as such -
[list:a9a31714cb]1) Adriano
2) Esteban Cambiasso
3) Javier Zanetti
b) 3 points are awarded for each first choice, 2 for the 2nd and 1 point for the 3 choice.
c) In the event of the absence of more choices for the categories, the first choice will still be awarded 3 points.[/list:u:a9a31714cb]
3) 2 threads will be created; the voting thread and the discussion thread. Please talk about any Forza Inter Oscars related discussions in the latter thread. This will make it easier on me when i'm tallying the reuslts. ;)

So, that's about it. It's all pretty simple really. Just enjoy yourselves when voting. :)


10 Dec 05, 19:39
Miki 1 suggestion:

why not use a yahoo groups acc for all these voting. All members also get to know how each other voted and it will be easier for u guys also.

in yahoogroups we can have a seperate thread for each poll and once the group is formed u can send out the invitations to all the users thru memberlist.

It wont be on-site, but lets say it will be "out-sourced"

How bout it, mate ?