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30 Oct 04, 06:47
it is a dream i have and when moratti talked this summer about it , it was a really great news for me .. and now moratti stell talking about it ..

what do u think guys ?

but i have note here if we have this stadium i wish we dont sell it like what arsenal did (emirates stadium) ... i know if we did there will be alot of offers (spichally from my area lol) ... but what i need is stadium have the historical name that relate to inter like

Herrira stadium

Angelo moratti stadium :)

or wait

INTER STADIUM wow all blue and black

AMAZING maybe in 2008 in our 100 years party we will have our own stadium

30 Oct 04, 06:54
First of all, I edited out the topic's title since you 'abused' Mr Caps Lock. :D Secondly, we shouldn't hope to get a deal such as Arsenal's or Juve's since our popularity is not as high as them. Another thing, if we are to build a new stadium, build it properly and ensure that there will be enough sunlight for the grass on the field. Moratti, Facchetti and the rest of the shareholders should also make sure that there is enough sufficient funds avaliable such that we do not need to sell players to fund the construction.

Limited funds would be good though, since it means the end of these stupid unnecessary transfers. ;)


30 Oct 04, 06:54
But its the great pride of our history sharing the san siro with our cousins. Its what makes this great rivalry even greater.

30 Oct 04, 07:25
It would be a dream come true to have an own stadium. :proud:

But it will take time for sure, as it won't be easy. But SAN SIRO is SAN SIRO !! :fero:

Can't we buy SAN SIRO and kick out Milan from San Siro ?? :confused:


30 Oct 04, 11:02
I actually wanted to discuss this delicate matter as well. It is a very difficult choice to make. San Siro has always been the stadium for Inter for me. However, I despise having to share it with Milan. Thatīs what sucks. When you walk into San Siro store, we have the scums sharing that gorgeous place. Same thing with the museum. But then again, it is San Siro.

I wonder if there is any location avaliable in Milan. Thatīs the first thing we have to look at. The second is if we have any money for it. Then obviously we have to build a very modern stadium. No running-tracks and plenty of spaces for the sun to strike the pitch.

The capacity has to be around 80.000.

30 Oct 04, 11:24
Well we should remember that Moratti maby would use some of his own money...And therefor woulden be a problem....Well I would be delighted if we got our own stadium....I hate to share it with Milan. And I don't think we should buy San Siro, Since I think it would almoste coast the same a building a new one. And the stadium isen't the money worth. the fasilities for the players are bad and so are the pitch, because of the way the stadium is build. I don't say that I don't like the stadium, I like it very much. But if we should get our own stadium I think we should build it. So it would be great for the fans and the players to.

30 Oct 04, 11:49
Funding: Moratti, Tronchetti, etc.

Capacity: Same or more as San Siro

Location: Milano

If just one of these things do not correspond with plans I say forget it. Otherwise itīs a good idea.

How can one sell a stadium you donīt own? :)

30 Oct 04, 13:21
You know, I feel that if we build a new stadium and move into it, and give San Siro all for AC Milan, it makes us look like we're giving San Siro up to Milan. And I don't want people to even think about that. It kind of gives Milan fans the view that we're giving in to them...

But, I still think we should get our own stadium, although it would be best to kick AC Milan out of San Siro, instead of us moving out. :fero:

30 Oct 04, 14:50
as i heard from people who visit san sero the stadium inside is really old and never improve since long time ago .. these days there is alot of modern designs for the stadiums .

i want our own stadium when anyone hear the name they have inter in there mind something like (nou camp) now when we say san siro milan come to mind the people who dont really interst in football . it disappoint me

also there is something make me hate share stadium with anyone . remambet semi final in the Champions league when we play both games in same satium and the score was 0-0 ---- 1-1 but milan go to the final becouse as they said they score in inter stadium .... it is really dumb we have the same stadium

we really need INTER STADIUM .. plz moratti do it :)

i bileave moratti will pay the money for the stadium from his own pocket not from inter budget .. it is ok even if it mean we have to call the stadium Massimo moratti stadium :) lol

30 Oct 04, 15:48
I read about that and that would be terrible news. I don't understand how Arsenal can leave Highbury, which will be taken down to build apartments?? What the hell is going on?

What about history? The S Siro is one of the best stadia in the world, it's so big and yet you feel right in the middle of the game, even from the most far away sector.

Share it with Milan? So what? They share it with us too!

It's nonsense and I would be gutted if we ever left the temple of football :cry2:

30 Oct 04, 18:09
To hell with stadion of our own. San Siro is our home and I will never want to leave such a great stadion for just Milan. They and go if they want and Inter should stay at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza forevermore.

Goes a bit offtopic but I post here since we are talkking about stadions in this thread. I think Juve's stadion plan sucks very big time. They are the first (big) club in Italy which does same stupidity almost all English clubs did in late of 80s and early 90s (okay, they didb't have very many alternatives after Heysel and Hillsborough but point is same anyway). The super modern stadion with 35000 seats. I fear same thing will happen than in England. Prices of tickets will increase heavily and it causes some very significant changes in crowd. I would honestly rather have concrete hell with track like Delle Alpi instead of super modern all round stadion anytime.

edit: I forgot the most disquisting thing: Juve is about to sell the name of the new stadion. :yuck:

30 Oct 04, 20:42
Iīve been at Giuseppe Meazza. Great stadium but if we can get an equally good one or better I think we should.

Remember this too: Whenever Milan plays at home we have to play away and vice versa...

30 Oct 04, 21:24
I would be sad if we left the San Siro, it is a part of our history!

I read about that and that would be terrible news. I don't understand how Arsenal can leave Highbury, which will be taken down to build apartments?? What the hell is going on?:

They are leaving coz it is minature, it is not even funny how small it is. They know that they could easily fill a bigger stadium. It is impossible for most Gooner fans to go and see them play coz there are so few seats and I guess even though Highbury is part of their histroy it makes sense for them to get a bigger stadium.

30 Oct 04, 23:44
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza aka San Siro is our history, but the truth is that the grass is awful, because the sunlight doesn't get there and because it's always us or Milan playing there, every week. Furthermore our fixtures have to be planned with Milan's ones. So these things would get better if got our own stadium. Then again there's the money business and finding a good location (easy to go from Milan's centre) is also difficult.

There's loads of emotions related to San Siro so it's really a delicate thing and I the decision will be very hard to make.

31 Oct 04, 03:24
Of course, it's very hard to leave San Siro and move on to a new stadium. But if it can bring greater revenue, has better grass and a better location; I don't see why we shouldn't do it.

Jimmy brought up a good point and it was the location. It wouldn't be wise to build the stadium in the outskirts of the city. They should place it in a very 'active' location in the city, if possible.

Antti, I don't get what you meant by "some very significant changes in crowd". But I agree that we should not sell the name of our new stadium. I wouldn't want it to be called something like "Il Pirelli Stadio" or "Il Pepsi Stadio". :yuck:

Maybe Moratti will give Inter the stadium as a present on our centenary! ;) And hopefully Inter can return him the favor by winning the Scudetto in 2008. :proud:


31 Oct 04, 14:38
hmm, I think stadium all for inter is not too wise economically, since we only play half of the games there..., it's better that we share it with Ac Merda...

the problem with current stadion is that the city of milan doesnt provide great support for the two teams... (the grass , the facilities and all)...

so perhaps, inter can purchase san siro, and merda can rent it from us..
we can fix san siro anyway we can,

31 Oct 04, 15:04
You can really see from this thread that most of you never went to the S Siro. You have no idea what emotions you feel when you see it.

The second time I went there was for the Uefa cup final against Salisburgo in 1994. It was the first time I went to see an evening fixture.

My seat was in the highest point of the stadium. So I went up countless flights of stairs. In the end, you could see the light coming out of the entry door.

I just stepped outside, and you just feel like you're in the middle of the pitch. Simply amazing.

S Siro is our home, we should NEVER leave it. Surely the turf is a problem, but this is our home, you don't just get up and leave.

31 Oct 04, 15:13
yeah, let;s buy them from the city !!!

31 Oct 04, 15:39
I was there, Francesco. And quite frankly the stairs was a nightmare for me. Iīm afraid of heights! :doh:

Itīs a beautiful stadium. But so could our new one become.

31 Oct 04, 16:24
Maybe pirelli ( tronchetti) will help buy the stadium so I don't think funds will be a mayor problem. It's a difficult 1 I love San Siro but I hate sharing with milan.

31 Oct 04, 20:13
I have also been there. But why are you so impressed it so fucking old. If we should stay we should defently do somthing about the facilities. and building shops and maybe a hotel nearbye it because. because are almoste the only one who hasen't got those kind of things. And it would defently help.

Well The good thing about it is the atmospher. It's really amasing.

But if we do get our own it would not get bigger then about 70.000 of one simple reason It very rare that we goy more spectators then that.

31 Oct 04, 21:06
I think the fact that it is old is what people find hard to let go off. The history...

01 Nov 04, 07:29
Maybe pirelli ( tronchetti) will help buy the stadium so I don't think funds will be a mayor problem. It's a difficult 1 I love San Siro but I hate sharing with milan.

if we can buy san siro and we let milan rent it....

I would be happy as hell, since now our city rival has to depend on us :P
that would suck for their fans... :)

02 Nov 04, 03:31
I've not been to the Meazza but i heared alot about the history. I also heared alot of complaints about the quality of the grass and the awful state of the locker room. Add to that, the fact that we have to share it with our enemies. I say let's move out, sure it's tough but it's sensible.

Barcelona and Espanyol, Real and Atletico and almost all of the great city rivals have their own distinct stadium. A great club like us has to have its own stadium. Also, don't be surprised if the San Siro will be demolished in the next decade. The stadium can't go like this with bad pitch, sooner or later it will end. Then we might be stuck with it if AC do the sensible thing first and leave.

I am for history and I am for keeping traditions. Sometimes, however, it's sensible to look forward. I think this idea of us having our own stadium is just great. One thing for sure, if we ever leave, the San Siro will never be the same. We average more fans and we are its soul!!!

02 Nov 04, 12:58
Antti, I don't get what you meant by "some very significant changes in crowd".

As far as I know something like following happenned in England when they got their stadions (more) modern (I must admit that my knowledge regarding English football is relatively limited hence feel free to correct if I make mistakes).

English clubs had to fix their stadiums in late 80s and early 90s (due to Heysel, Hillsborough and the fect their stations became decayed) -> capacities of stadions decrased (standing stands became forbidden after Heysel and Hillsborough) -> ticket prices rised and availability of tickets got worse -> part of long term supporters don't have money and/or possibility to watch their team at stadium anymore -> Premiership football has become a fun of high class in England (at least in some parts of the country).

With this I'm trying to say that Juve's plan to get modern stadium with 35000 seats doesn't sound good in my opinion. Of course same (what happened in England) might not happen in Italy but if it anyway did it would be crappy as hell. Did you know get what I meant?

Back to the original topic. Besides whole talk about stadion of our own is completely out of line. There's no way in hell we have money either now or near future to build stadium. Guess how much for example Arsenal's new stadium will cost. It's over freaking 300 million pounds. I guess majority of people who at least though getting stadium of our own didn't realize how phucking expensive thing it actually is. So I think we'd better to stick with Giuseppe Meazza since we really don't have other realistical alternatives.

02 Nov 04, 13:43
Iīve been to Stadio delle Alpi (Juveīs stadium) as well. And I have to say it would be sad if they made it smaller.

02 Nov 04, 14:49
Iīve been to Stadio delle Alpi (Juveīs stadium) as well. And I have to say it would be sad if they made it smaller.

:rolleyes: They ARE making it smaller...

02 Nov 04, 15:01
Antti.. If the same stadium was build in Italy(Arsenals new stadium) It woulden be near as expencive since, everything coast a lot more in England then it dos in Italy...Here im tolking about Materials, the ingeneers and the workers whos wage is not as much as it is in England... But yes it would defently be very expencive....But Moratti woulden have brought it up if he didn't afford it. And you have to remember that he is extremly rich....And the stadium would probertly also be paid from other people who intersts in the club. So It's not imposible if Arsenal can so can we.

02 Nov 04, 15:06
Iīve been to Stadio delle Alpi (Juveīs stadium) as well. And I have to say it would be sad if they made it smaller.

:rolleyes: They ARE making it smaller...
Yes, excuse my igorance. Or should I say: Bad memory!! :D

04 Nov 04, 15:24
I don't see why some of you are keen on moving away from the San Siro. To me, the San Siro, or more affectionately known to Interisti as the stadio Giuseppe Meazza has always been the holy ground of world football. Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Wembley etc. all have their famous moments, but none matches the San Siro for it's sheer history throughout the ages.

Sure, we share the stadio with Milan, our fiercest rivals in eternity. However, the very fact that both teams, great in their own right, inhabit the same stadio makes the ground even more legendary. This is very much our home as it is Milan's, and as much as i loathe them, i would never move away from San Siro. This is our ground - it doensn't matter if we share them with our rivals. What is most important are the memories we have forged throughout our entire existence on this ground. That alone is reason enough to kill all thoughts of moving away from the Giuseppe Meazza.

And if anybody still has any ideas about doing so, consider this - the San Siro can hold 85700 right now, and up to the mid 90000s if we add a 3rd tier to the Curva Est. You aren't going to be able to build a stadio as big or as magnificent as that, not without huge huge funds. Why then would you still want to move? Are the memories of a full house San Siro with all the fans cheering on the team not worth anything to you at all?


04 Nov 04, 15:28
It's not gonna be relavant anyway since, it have been confirm that we are the club in italy with the biggest dept.

04 Nov 04, 15:35
I just read my first post (in this thread) again and you really can get an impression I would want a new stadium. That's not the case. THe only problem I see is the turf, since it's in horrible shape year after year. Still I think it's much easier to solve the turf problem together with Milan and the city than to build a whole new stadium. Yes the facilities are not that modern, but after all we don't use it for training so it's not that bad. And has anyone ever heard of RENOVATION??

There's too much feelings and traditions related to our beloved stadium so I (and the majority of the fans living in Italy) want us to stay there.