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17 Jan 05, 17:35
What an awful game we played. Only Javier gets a 6 for me, the others just weren't good enough. This game is definitive proof that we need Dejan badly, even if has only one leg...

Kara and VD Meyde were AWFUL, Adriano, Vieri and Martins weren't supported at all, Recoba was embarassing, even Cambiasso had a bad game.

Shame on Reggina too, they play awful football, dive a lot, and their display in the final minutes was sad, very sad.

Their fans were disgraceful. How on Earth did the police let them bring fireworks into the stadium and use them only metres away from Toldo while the game was under way??

Also the Reggina fans just kept insulting us, I hardly heard any encouragement for their players. What a bunch of losers.

17 Jan 05, 18:32
There´s many people rejecting Favalli, but at least he showed himself. He tried making crosses into the penalty area. Where the hell was Javier Zanetti? :mad:

17 Jan 05, 18:40
EVERY player was awful in this game...I have never seen such a bad game for Inter in a while....ANd i dont agree that JZ gets a 6 he was as awful as the rest,besides the first 7 minutes we looked really really bad.

The commentator on the game for me besides being an ass with his comments made one good observation which is our midfielders didnt get into the penalty box at all...Even Kara's shot was from the outside..we need to shake defences by getting our midfielders into the box.

17 Jan 05, 19:01
I felt that with Reggina down to 10 men, Mancini could be more bold throwing bodies forward, bu that was not the case.

But give credit to Reggina, always a difficult team to face when they are at home.

17 Jan 05, 19:03
I agree Reggina really handled us well and closed us down...we could have lost this one if that ball didnt hit the post.

17 Jan 05, 23:59
Theres nothing really to say except our Midfield was disgusting and Reggina did well to stop us. Giacomo Tedesco Man of the Match without a question. The Granillo is truly a tough place to play in and My fellow calabrians are nuts lol, after the red card they kept shouting Vendutto Vendutto.

18 Jan 05, 00:28
This is one of the draws that I find logical. All the bottom teams seem to be very organized and determined when facing top teams. They just didn't give away anything, either deep-in or from the flanks.

The wind also played its part, from stray shots to bad passes, it really affected the game. This is the second time I see Reggina, and they are too good to be bottom in the league.

Favalli simply sucks. He can't cross well, can't think quickly and always exposes us at the back. I'm not saying he had a bad game or anything, but he can't create a damn thing. Those who think he is fine are probably comparing him with our former glorious LB's like Helveg and Pasquale. He isn't worth the calibre of inter, he fits in a mediocre club.

Karagounis played okay but I hate his play acting. Also, he seems to favour a dangerous back pass rather than move forward, maybe to be a winger is the worse thing for him but that's the only opening we have.

The defence did okay, and Matrix was solid and his long passes weren't bad when you factor in the wind, his understanding with Cordoba seems to be smoothing up.

Midfield was good but nothing specatcular. CZ played well alongside Cambiasso but the wingers were just out of it. Same with forwards, they didn't have much space to operate in. When Reggina were down to 10-men, it became harder to penetrate, as expected when a team is down.

This result was made more frustrating by the fact it came after the greates inter performance i have ever seen. It was disappointing to see the game end that way. But hey, we are more or less secure for a CL place and I don't know whether there is something really to play for in Serie A.

18 Jan 05, 09:27
No Oba, No Chino, No Coco, No Davids, No Emre. there is Vieri,Karagounis,C.Zanetti,Favalli!!!

I really don't understand Mancini. finally sucks tradition 4-4-2.

GRAZIE :yuck: :fero:

18 Jan 05, 10:09
this game was dedicated to hameds and friskos quote about playing bad football to get results.

u no what fellas, ever since Brescia we have started playimh 2 dm's and since Brescia its been 1-0 victories, lucky comebacks and just plain boring football as witnessed in Brescia, Livorno, Siena andmost of all Reggina

Sampdoria would of been the worst, but we got 3 goals in the last 5. but for 88 mintues it was fkn terrible.

I am so much against 2 dm's and C Zanetti shouldnt even play.

So back to Hameds and Frisko's quotes,

If u want to make some1 fall asleep let them watch juve" or something along those lines, sorry if its wrong. now its inter.

But mancio has started to go agaisnt what he first said about the 'old' italian style, his now back to the style playing 2 dm's with nothing but fkn long balls, and long balls even against such strong wind, stupid players and coaching.

So to any1 who wants to watch juve style games, watch the Fiorentina game, the livorno game, (our play in Siena and Sampdoria were awful) last 5 minutes we got a bit of luck to come back. and most of all the Reggina game.

18 Jan 05, 10:10
Hmm, I don't now what to say, You have kinda said it all.

Our attack was non-existent. And our midfield was very poor. But I just hope that Mr X have realised that he can't play with that midfield again unless he wonts a goalless draw. And what a mistake that he didn't use Martins from the start he have done very well recently, I just don't understand how he can have more trust in Vieri, who have been no less then an huge disapointment, he is finished am I'm the only one who have realished that. And Mancio says a lot of bs, before this season it sounded like it would be Martins and Adriano partnership, and in the cup he said he would use Carrini but he didn't. Why dosen't he just tells us the truth instead of filling us with lies.

18 Jan 05, 14:38
helal, I am not for bad/boring football and results only. I don't know if you read my answer in the thread created by Gismo regarding the result vs. enterainment debate. I said that I am for both and will not be totally satisfied with Juve-style wins.

I never said we should play with 2 DM's but it looks like that the only way we are conceding less goals. I want us to go back to having Cambi in front of the defence and 3 midfielders in front of him. But we will need total commitment from our defenders to achieve that. So take a pick, concede less goals or score more goals.

In that case, i'd have to go with concede less goals. I'd rather win 2-0 than 4-2 or 5-3, and winning that way doens't always have to be boring.

18 Jan 05, 17:59
Frisko, Reggina didn't dive but the referee just stopped the game every 30 seconds for any little thing, the fireworks were organised and did you expect their fans to compliment us?! :confused:

Fabio :)

18 Jan 05, 20:36
helal: if you think we sucked in the Samp game you need a nice pair of glasses, try one with very thick lenses. We truly dominated the game and deserved the win far before the come-back.
Brescia, Livorno, Siena and Reggina are smaller teams that play almost all in defense, it's kinda obvious that it's going to be difficult to play spectacular football.

zzang: is your way to support Inter based on making a list of players left on the bench? If it is, you can't fail: if we play Recoba+Martins, you can moan about Vieri and Adriano be left on the bench, and so on...
Mancini doesn't always play with a simple 4-4-2 as you say, our midfielders are very dynamic, they switch positions, and are the engine that feeds the best attack in Serie A. That's fact, not opinion.

Fabio: I thought the fireworks were very dangerous, they were just too close to Toldo and went on far too long. Just think at the potential danger!

About the fans, of course I didn't expect them to cheer us, but I heard all sorts of insults toward us, and I hardly ever heard them shouting "Reggina!".
I also thought it was kinda funny that they shouted "Venduto" to the ref after the red card, the challenge from the Reggina player truly deserved a yellow card.

18 Jan 05, 21:37
Good post Francesco, but I do think the Amaranto fans were quite vocal!

Fabio ;)

18 Jan 05, 22:06
I agree the Reggina fans were extremely vocal supporting the club and Insulting our side. When they were shouting Vandutto I thought to myself they must think they are playing Juve.

19 Jan 05, 03:14
zzang: is your way to support Inter based on making a list of players left on the bench? If it is, you can't fail: if we play Recoba+Martins, you can moan about Vieri and Adriano be left on the bench, and so on...
Mancini doesn't always play with a simple 4-4-2 as you say, our midfielders are very dynamic, they switch positions, and are the engine that feeds the best attack in Serie A. That's fact, not opinion.

I saw many Inter match but If starting flat 4-4-2? probably never seen dynamic.






What Adriano on the bench? anyway Chino not playmaker role. like Kaka role. Veron? deep playmaker role. this is my favourite formation.

Tradition/flat 4-4-2 is always lose "ball possession" fight. especially against big club.

If finally Cesar-Cambi-CZ/Veron-Stankovic?? this middlle line just strong. not great. example against like big club(Bilan,Barca,Chelsea)? certainly we allow 60 ~ 80% ball possession. in this case revive Cuper's anti-football.

but frankly I also really like Mancini. only hate his Lazio players love and some tactic choice.

Choppin Onions
19 Jan 05, 08:38
I guess this game showed how much we missed Deja, even if it's the under-performing Stankovic (partly due to playing in a different position), which we've seen for a good portion of this season.

Mancini also made a few mistakes in this one.

1) Not starting Oba who was our hottest striker.

2) No creativity in the midfield. CZ really shouldn't be starting ANY games for Inter. He adds absolutely nothing. Anybody else would be preferable to this hack.

19 Jan 05, 09:40
I dont think Stan would have helped in our offense in anyway..He would only be a minor upgrade to whomever he would be replacing.I know you noticed that he hasnt been doing well lately anyways.
It was the entire team that sucked and the way Reggina handled us in defence.Plus after a while it seemed that everyone was dependent on someone else to take the initiative,also dont forget the wind factor. :)
I think this is one of our few draws that I can accept,we truly played badly as a team.

19 Jan 05, 19:43
Il Dragone always makes a difference, it's not just what the does with the ball, it's his movement.

Karagounis kept drifting on the left, but rarely crossed, he kept going closer to the penalty box and shooting. He got a great shot on target, but that was it. Tactically he was very bad.

Stanko advances and creates spaces for Adriano and Vieri. I noticed this a lot in the Inter v Juve game, his movement was always making things easier for Cambiasso and the forwards.

I think CZ does a great job in midfield and gives us balance.

26 Jan 05, 09:24
Stan could have made a difference in the Chievo game and didnt,even though he played well...