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28 Feb 05, 21:17
Life isnt getting easier for us Interisti after our cruel derby loss, we lost ex player Bruno Padulazzi :( yesterday and today have also lost a legend named Gianni Invernezzi :cry2: . He was the man who brought us success in the 1970/1971 season as a coach. And practically lived all of his life as a true Interista.


You guys will be remembered. This really is a tough period for us Interistas :cry2: .

01 Mar 05, 09:51
R.I.P :cry2: :star:

01 Mar 05, 11:12
Well, pardon me for my ignorance, but I don't really know who this guys is. Anyone care to introduce?

Anyway, anyone who lived Inter and died Inter should deserve a big R.I.P from us.

R.I.P Gianni Invernizzi

01 Mar 05, 13:48
Rest in peace, Gianni Invernizzi :proud:

01 Mar 05, 14:02
Honestly, I don't know much about Gianni myself and quite frankly, I'm not interested in the past and history so I didn't learn much about this guy. But it certainly doesn't take an idiot to realise how important Mr. Invernizzi if you just check inter.it.

Important staff in our club such as Oriali and President Facchetti himself are giving their tribute and photos & interviews of the late Invernizzi are being posted. Also notice the black banner on the top of the page.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the family, friends, Inter and its fans after losing such an important icon of the club.

Rest In Peace Gianni Invernizzi. You're gone, but never forgotten.

01 Mar 05, 14:11
Thanks for the nice words, Handoyo. :)

I would also like to thank inter.it for their words. :)

I have deliberately edited my previous post in respect to our immortalised hero's name! :star:

01 Mar 05, 19:13
R.I.P Gianni, lived and died an Interista!

Fabio :cry2:

01 Mar 05, 19:39
R.I.P Gianni, respect :proud:

01 Mar 05, 19:42
R.I.P... all respect to Gianni Invernizzi...

04 Mar 05, 19:19
R.I.P. Invernizzi.

Ario Interland
09 Feb 11, 16:11
A very interesting article about the record breaking inter of 70-71 under legend Invernizzi...according to this article Leo will be an all-time Inter legend if he wins the scudetto this year with inter.


I don't know if it is in the right post anyways the article is very interesting.

10 Feb 11, 00:43
21 points from 24 was damn good, 9 wins, 3 draws.

but still, the 17 win streak was more impressive, i hope barcelona lose very soon (they're on 16 consecutive league wins)