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The Count of Anti-Milan
01 Mar 05, 11:41
I've translated a post from an Italian Inter forum, written by a poster with the nick "ruben sosa":

This derby was the best one in terms of play since the 99/00 2-1 win.
I haven't seen Inter play so well against Milan since.
It is really disappointing that in the most important week of the season we couldn't get a postitive result from any of the three games in spite of playing better football in all of them.

I would like to offer some advice to all: here on after, begins the 3 months during which every kind of crap will be thrown at Inter...Do not tune in to the TV or radio, do not believe the papers. An example: the news given by Bloombergthat says that there will be a capital increase at Inter of 77 million Euros to cover the losses. In reality, it is something done every June, but it's much better to drag this out right after the derby.

The "news" from La7 reported by Pulsar is another example and later in the day you'll see another invention from Milan's media outpost Tgcom how Adriano is unhappy after the game(as if he was supposed to laugh histerically after a derby defeat) and how some so-called fans yelled at him "go to Spain".

Anyway, Inter's curva made a remarkable gesture Sunday night: at the end of the game the players were given a round of applause for their performance. Show that you are mature as much as they are, show the team support, stop bithching and moaning who did and did not play, in any case it serves no purpose. And remeber, two trophies are still in reach.

04 Mar 05, 18:28
Top post, well done Milos :star:

05 Mar 05, 07:18
yeap, great post Milos...!