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  1. oh ... fine then don't bother ... in anyway he replied through a pm about his thread ... it's about the mercato ..
    that was my point.. not Luka himself ...

    i like both of ur p.o.vs about tactics and strategies and mercato needs .. that's why i contacted u two ...

    i asked him to give me the thread's link to view ...
  2. Salam, what about Luka. I personally get very irritated by his posts... he's on my ignore list.
  3. salam Suneet,,
    i wrote this to Luka guy.. any idea ??

    " hey Luka fan..

    i made a quick search for some topic about tactics\formations regarding to possible transfers and team changes ... didn't find one, didn't u post such a topic ?!!

    i guess i should post the thoughts in Leo thread .. ??? "
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