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  1. that dyna guy is out of the fucken world.Can't catch his crazyness.check sig.jeeeez
  2. dyna me no likes.Seems i don't lvl the artistic cultural figure of his. :sad:
  3. i'd luv both combos dyna enz,dev enz. :fuckenyeeeea:
  4. F U denz? am i hated? lulz
  5. ISS PRO. But are right
  6. just noticed you experience probs with fifa and it seemed funny to me.You must have been pro evolution gamer.
  7. whats that about my forlan efforts
  8. Your forlorn efforts to stick to fifa13 are comical.
  9. wazzzzzzaaaaaaa
  10. Yes he is...but you are slowly surpassing him. I have my phone notify me anytime Enz makes a post.
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