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  1. Dude, we still dont have Cinemas I know a lot of people around here who are excited for these channels, especially that it says they will show movies from 2015.
  2. Bein Movies.. do you know anyone sitting at home watching these FOX/Melody movie channels?

    I mean yeah in Ramadan when you're bored or something but not everyday.

    Anyway, thanks.

    Oh, tell him to just unplug the bein receiver and start it over, it'll update on it's own... at least that's what I read on twitter.

    ... Crisetig lover, out.

  3. Hey, Crisetig lover

    I still dont have Bein in the house so when I watch games I go to my brother's house, fucked up right? Anyway my bro just told me few minutes ago that he called the Bein customer service and they told him to re install the channels in Arabsat in order to get them back + the new Bein movies channels. He still didnt try what they told him as he is still busy.
  4. Hey, Dark Knight.

    You have a problem with bein channel 11 and above?
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