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  1. HBD man, enjoy it
  2. Amen!

    I miss my pazza Inter, hope we atleast see some signsvof that this year, this is all we need more tjan anything now, some fighting spirit and detemination that worthy of the black and blue colors!
  3. Thanks man, glad to hear that you are doing well too!

    Yeah I would agree with you that Eric is doing a good job so far, though I'm curious as to how he'll manage to get the squad cut down to size in time as we have a lot of baggage to cut. I agree I've grown tired of this try and see approach which is something that's been happening for quite a few seasons now and given us nothing but did pair to watch so I'm kinda begging for some consistency and a plan that we will stick to for once. Mancini is difinately under pressure, we have to make the top 3 this year and the way the squad is shaping up I think we have a chance but it's gonna be tough. Hopefully it will bring a little 'fun' into watching the madness that we love so much man!
  4. Good to hear you're doing great man.

    I think Eric is doing good job in the mercato, it's up to Mancini to make it work though, this team needs character and consistency, 'trying things out' isnt gona cut it, so lets wait and see as next season is going to be delicate qnd there will be alot of pressure, something Mancini isnt so accustomed to. Im not so optimistic though.

    Im all good man, nothing so excited but it's all fine
  5. Haha hey mate, I do actually! Close to a year now so I might just pretend it's her fault and blame her instead of being honest. I've actually been lurking around the forums almost everyday since we last spoke (so I'm happy about that), thought I would largely stay out of the transfer section this time and properly start back when the season starts again. I haven't been able to watch the pre-season games as I've been working quite a bit and had other stuff to do so couldn't really comment on our preseason prep either so mostly just been browsing through to get everyone's views on it all. How about you man, you been up to anything exciting?
  6. hey man been a month with no post

    have you found a gf finally?

  7. k man just checking on things, take care!
  8. Hey man, again i'm really sorry. It's been a similar story since I think I said last time that I was going to make more of an effort to get back to FIF again. Thank you again for messaging me man I appreciate it. I really gotta get back in here again so I'll make it a point to post at least once a day that way I hopefully won't stray away again. How you been man?
  9. hey man, long time no post!
  10. Ive been going through the same shit, depression and losing hope in this team, I dont ever remember watching Inter so much with my hand stuck on my face for so long

    But now there must be some hope that Mancio is back, at least no more 3-5-2 crap!

    Everything else is ok man, thanks for asking, now stick around
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