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  1. Sunday night right before Opening day
  2. I'm going to make a fantasy league on ESPN open to the public and force you to join it. When do you want to draft?
  3. Just a chat box, and we all text each other regularly. I can give you their cell numbers if you want
  4. Is there a what's app group or something for this fantasy league? or just the chatbox on the homepage?
  5. ESPN. I hardly watch basketball, but I survive. You''ll be fine. PM me your email?
  6. Sure, but as a disclaimer, my basketball knowledge is the worst of the lot. I'd be down though. Yahoo or ESPN?
  7. Join my fantasy basketball league. It's only 8 teams but massive rosters. I've been playing fantasy with the other 6 guys for like 8 years, so it will definitely be active.
  8. Don't worry, I'll stick around for a bit
  9. What can I say

    P.S. Keep posting fker, it's nice to see a familiar name again
  10. Hahahah props to you, looks great
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