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  1. I enjoyed it, but I think the lack of closure tempered my reaction
  2. Thank you and fuck you for not lovin Berserk..
  3. There are dodgy ads on their site. You can still view their website. Click the bit where it says view more info or something, and then there is a link where you can proceed to their website.
  4. Did something happen to

    Wanted to download the rest of Season 6s' episodes (P&R) but apparently it's dangerous to use, according to my laptop.
  5. I can honestly say that I never noticed that. Although, I've never really found Leslie/Amy Poehler attractive so it's not something I would focus on. Anyway, I don't think it ever gets to the point where she is wearing clothes a person in her position in government couldn't get away with wearing in real life.
  6. Something's been bothering me. Ever since that episode where Lesile was portrayed in a painting by Jerry as a centaur, I've noticed that she started wearing more exposed shirts with more cleavage! I don't know if I'm being a delusional nerd but I feel like that is not within her persona and kind of diminishes the good work her and the show have done in creating her character.
  7. I like Steve Carell, but his character in the office annoyed me because I don't enjoy what I like to call "cringe comedy". It makes me slightly uncomfortable. However, as I said he was the center/set piece of most of the comedy for the show. Without him it wouldn't be nearly as funny.

    Anyway, interesting to hear some of your opinions about Parks and Rec. The show changes a lot between season 1 and 2. I hope you continue to like it. My favourite seasons are season 3 and 4 along with the final season(7). I think if you got through it's worst season that the rest of the show will be very enjoyable.
  8. The other characters are bizarre and funny same as in the Office. I honestly hate this Ansari dude but I have to admit he's funny in this show and I have lol'd multiple times at his lines (sketches(?)). The guy in your avatar is quite funny too. Also perhaps the consistent plot in both shows is the romance (in P & R it seems to be heading that way, I wouldn't know for sure tho as I have only seen one season). And with the mockumuntery thing (where the directing is a mirror, unlike that HBO show with the old dude with white hair) I find them almost replicas of each other!

    I'm actually enjoying it (laughed a lot, which is the whole point) and it's still only the 1st season and as you mentioned probably the worst one, def going to watch the rest.
  9. Yeah I was just teasing, and I do appreciate the thinking behind your argument.

    It's strange really because at the end of the day it's a matter of taste. I thought we had a bit of a similar taste but I was astonished when you said you dislike Steve Carroll who is fuckin hilarious in my opinion and as I said before the reason why I watched and loved the Office, not only is he funny but his acting also stands out. Dwight of course deserves a huge shout out too.

    I finished the 1st season of P & R, still stand by my opinion that as a big fan of the Office I think this is copy cat in many ways! The job atmosphere (Gov. vs small business), Mark is similar to Pam's BF where there's a cool tall (a bit like you I suppose ) guy in the office, Scott's relationship with that cougar seems similar to that of the blonde with Mark.
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