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  1. I don't think there are any more pressing issues then sorting out our midfield and upgrading Medel/Melo. I think that we should have tried Kondogbia - Brozovic in a couple of games this year. The only game they started together was that PSG friendly in Doha. However, I still have my doubts over the course of a season if that's a strong enough midfield duo defensively. I think we could use some experience along with the young bucks.

    I hear you on Zabaleta. However, I'm against just ruling people out solely based on them being 30. Do you think Juventus regret signing Evra for example? Did Milan regret signing Cafu? It's always on a case be case basis. At least Zabaleta seems like a motivated professional, same can't be said for Toure for example.
  2. I'm not entirely sure if we need someone of his type really (Bagila). Sure, he serves a purpose but is it that necessary to the success of the team? For one thing, there are more pressing issues within the team and for another a midfield of Brozo and Kdog can work in my opinion if Mancini had a clue or two on how to get the best out of the players he has at his disposal, mental wise and how them two and the team as a whole play in conjunction with the aforementioned two.
    Zabaleta is a no no for me because he's an aging fullback! That should be enough really but also his wages are high (I know you said only if he takes a pay cut) and has been playing for City so I would question his motivation too.
  3. Zabaleta is one thing, since he's a fullback and not everyone can be Javier Zanetti. But to me Biglia isn't that old for his position (and don't get me wrong I under and not everybody's Pirlo either). I think he brings the maturity and brain we have been lacking in the midfield since Motta left.

    If we could get him and Banega in the same midfield next to Kondogbia/Brozovic I think it would make us a completely different team.
  4. fuck Bagila and Zabaleta. U crazy.
  5. I admit, Perisic has/is going through good form

  6. I see where you're coming from. It's hard to really get into the new stuff if you haven't really been that into it over the last decade or so. I can't even get with some of the new stuff, it's really bad. I appreciate the classics though too. I think everyone just always loves their generation of music
  7. Never was a fan of his, actually always hated him and his music to be honest. It's been years since I've checked a mixtape out! Back when I was an avid follower of hip hop/rap in general (more than 10 years ago), lately though I've drifted away from it and even prefer pop on it! I don't know I just don't like the mainstream shit heading to, where it's all boasting about how much dough you can waste on ugly bitches and clothes. I don't mind listening to that stuff once in a while (kinda like trash-talking in sports where I might enjoy it occasionally but I'm totally against it) but it's too much out there.
  8. I think a lot of people missed on the Wiz that was really good. I'm talking mixtape stuff before even his 1st album. Mixtapes like Burn After Rolling or Kush & OJ. That's the good Wiz. He went down hil as soon as he made money and signed Juicy J. You need to check out some new Future though, Purple Reign mixtape has some good shit.
  9. Fuck whoever takes into account the race (or any other superficial-like elements) of someone to base an opinion on them or on what they say. You're one of the few quality posters around.

    Your music taste is questionable though, Wiz Khalifa? Really (even before his change in style)? I do like Future however and his album Honest was a banger, specially the song I Won.
  10. Lol no worries, I doubt I would have taken offense to it. But yeah I'm black.

    There was a time in this forum where I wouldn't even put my flag up cause I wanted my opinion to be judged purely on what I was saying and nothing else. Now I give 2 shits.
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