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  5. However we can keep on discussing this until we have won the scudetto again because I do agree with some of your points but far from all of them. I do think Brendan Rodgers accepts having a director above him in charge of the signings and I do think most of the English managers today are having this same opinion. They are not that old-minded as you want them to be.
  6. Yes, you don't find that many "managers" in England today as before, if the definition of a manager is one who has complete power in terms of signings. Most clubs do have a specific assigned person for this. You find this in our club as well.

    However the "Liverpool transfer committee" as the medias have dubbed it in England is not like what you find elsewhere as they have/had three persons for this in form of the managing director Ian Ayre, the "Head of Performance and Analysis" Michael Edwards and "Head of recruitment" Dave Fallows. This is in my opinion one or two persons too many and especially when they seem to have an another philosophy than the one Rodgers wanted. Look at the type of players he had a the beginning of his time in Liverpool and the type of players they have now. They don't suit his ball-positioning style of football but rather what Klopp wants with high-working players with great pace and athlethism.
  7. And you could totally see why clubs want to go through with it this way, because if anything happens to the manager later they don't want the players to be stuck with the next manager who might not want to work with. That's why they'll look for players that are good for the club more so than the coach. Of course this applies on well-run clubs who have a clear plan like Swansea for an example, and not all clubs are like that.
  8. You bring a good point that I wanted to bring in our discussion in the forum. Rodger's getting screwed by the people who decide transfers. I strongly disagree and this, in fact, is one of the areas where British managers don't want to evolve and deal with. In most European clubs now the coach is not responsible for the transfers but a director within a club, they should work together to get the best results but the final decision will come from the director (with the big influence of the coach, because after all he has to to work with the players) but British managers are very reluctant to deal with this and want to have all the power a la Fergie. This simply is not attainable in today's game.
  9. Of course there are exceptions Jrgnsn but most of them live in the past and won't evolve with the times like I said. We can say British managers and not only English because there's really no difference. Rodgers did a great job with Liverpool but he, like many others, have started faltering after the one good season he had and that is simply not acceptable. Not only to British managers but any manager regardless of his nationality. We both know that clubs nowadays are impatient and want immediate results and especially in the PL where there'e more money than there is in the other 3 top leagues combined!
  10. I don't blame you completely. You say/said all English managers are shit (as I remember it) to which I said there are one or two good ones which I could see be a manager of one of the top English teams but they are sadly not "exotic" enough for the club owners and their supporters. I still think Pardew and Pulis could be in charge of the major clubs without they would perform badly. Rodgers (I know he isn't English) did a fine job IMO in Liverpool but wasn't able to field his team with his "own" players due to the idiotic transfer-deciding group of people in the club. This group decided that Balotelli would be a fine enough substitute for Suarez

    However I do think like you that their coaches are shit if you look at the total amount of coaches due to the Premier League clubs not giving them the opportunities and due to them not wanting to get a job outside England.
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