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    German is indeed a difficult language.
    I always found it a little bit weird that a small country like Switzerland has in fact 4 different languages - German (+Schwyzerdütsch), French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic .....
    Do you live near the German border? Do you like to speak German?
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    People from Uruguay seem to be spread all over the world!
    And PdE is a very nice place to be in summer!
    Did you know that Diego Forlán doesnīt like to drink mate?
    Oh and there is no rivalry between Peņarol or Nacional. Itīs only Peņarol that counts.....

    I think that my English is quite okay. My French is rather comme ci, comme įa.
    And unfortunately I donīt speak Italian.
    But I can speak German fluently - an I even understand Schwyzerdütsch (the Swiss version of German), but donīt speak it all the day.
    Even most native Swiss people I know canīt speak French/Italian fluently.
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    A couple of years ago I 'revealed' on FIF that MVD is an abbreviation for Montevideo.
    Due to my fatherīs profession the familiy had to travel a lot.
    For several years we are living in Europe, at the moment in a small village surrounded by Swiss Alps.
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    I must admit that Google was my friend.....
    I donīt speak Danish. But Iīm really glad that Google translator did a good job!
    All my best wishes to you and your family!
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    Glædelig jul og godt nytår!
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    I donīt know that much about Egypt - but I truly hope that Devious is okay!
    Same goes for his lovely cute cats.....
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    Several months ago Devious told me that he would be off for a while due to 'business reasons'.
    Nobody here on FIF would have thought that it would be for such a long time.....

    He always posted great things on FIF - and we used to have a really nice chat via PM.

    I think many people on FIF are missing him.....
  8. True

    What has happened to Devious?
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    Words can hurt a lot.
    And I had to experience that so many guys on a football forum are really putting too much focus on your sex.
    Sooner or later they donīt take you seriously any more and they are not willing to accept a girlīs opinion.
    And then things can get out of hand...

    If I want to reply to special posts I can always do this via 'Private Message' or 'Visitor Messages'...

    Personally I would love to have Devious back on FIF. I really miss him a lot!
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    Unfortunately the 'ignore option' canīt make words unwritten.....

    There seems to be something special about girls on FIF. They join the forum, they start posting for a while - and then they seem to vanish.
    I know that it somehow sounds ridiculous - but maybe itīs better never to reveal that you are a girl on a football forum.....
    Nice guys like you, Devious (), JJM, Black Jesus and KevinB who always acted like gentlemen towards me can be counted on one hand.
    But Iīm fine, thank you.
    By using the 'thank option' I can still be part of the game.....
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