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    j'ai edited it
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    I can honestly say that I never noticed that. Although, I've never really found Leslie/Amy Poehler attractive so it's not something I would focus on. Anyway, I don't think it ever gets to the point where she is wearing clothes a person in her position in government couldn't get away with wearing in real life.
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    I like Steve Carell, but his character in the office annoyed me because I don't enjoy what I like to call "cringe comedy". It makes me slightly uncomfortable. However, as I said he was the center/set piece of most of the comedy for the show. Without him it wouldn't be nearly as funny.

    Anyway, interesting to hear some of your opinions about Parks and Rec. The show changes a lot between season 1 and 2. I hope you continue to like it. My favourite seasons are season 3 and 4 along with the final season(7). I think if you got through it's worst season that the rest of the show will be very enjoyable.
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    Honestly, logic isn't going to be the answer here. You'll either find it funny or you won't. I can't really add much more without knowing what comedy you normally like.
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    But yeah, both shows do enlist the mockumentary style throughout. I do think the cast of P and R is far superior to the Office's. You only have to see what the actors from that show have done since it's completion vs The Office's cast. Only Carrell and Krasinski have any real notoriety in Hollywood nowadays. Whereas Pratt. Offerman, Poehler, Ansari, Scott and Plaza have all gone on to do big things. While Rob Lowe has always been a quality actor.
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    The first season of P&R is only 6 eps. If you don't enjoy the second season it's probably not a go for you. Leslie Knope (the character played by Amy Poehler) is because the thing that changes most from season 1 to 2. They make her far more realistic and less stupid from season two onwards. Personally she was always one of my least favourite things about the show. I will say that Michael Scott on the Office was always the character I disliked most. I personally enjoyed Pam, Jim, Dwight etc far more. Although, it was his character which often created comedic situations
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    The first season of Parks and Rec is pretty meh. It was one of those comedies that took a while to find it's feet. I guess The Office is similar in that respect. I enjoy both shows. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. The Office goes down hill in later seasons due to cast changes, but it is still worthwhile finishing it I suppose.
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    I see where you're coming from. It's hard to really get into the new stuff if you haven't really been that into it over the last decade or so. I can't even get with some of the new stuff, it's really bad. I appreciate the classics though too. I think everyone just always loves their generation of music
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    I think a lot of people missed on the Wiz that was really good. I'm talking mixtape stuff before even his 1st album. Mixtapes like Burn After Rolling or Kush & OJ. That's the good Wiz. He went down hil as soon as he made money and signed Juicy J. You need to check out some new Future though, Purple Reign mixtape has some good shit.
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