Forza Inter Forums Rules

Welcome to Forza Inter Forums in order for you to have a great time here you need to agree and adhere to our rules.

The rules are as follows:
  • Do post intelligently and relevantly about the topic.
  • Do respect other members regardless of their personal opinions.
  • Do participate in constructive debate.
  • Do write clearly in English and pay attention to how you present your post.
  • Do welcome new members and encourage them to post more often.
  • Do not request video streams in the match thread.
  • Do not continually go off-topic.
  • Do not post too many one-liners.
  • Do not insult other members in any way.
  • Do not respond to insults or bicker with another member.
  • Do not advertise, spam, or link to other football forums.
  • Do not use extremely foul and vulgar language.
  • Do not insult Inter if you are not an Inter fan.
  • Do not be racist.
  • Do not continually use animated gifs in your posts.
  • Posting news isn't a race. Please make translations comprehensible when possible.
  • The transfer forum isn't Football Manager. Please keep such posts to a minimum, or in provided threads.
  • Only open a transfer thread for a player if there are multiple, repeated sources linking us to the player.
  • Duplicate Accounts are not allowed. Do not make a second account.
  • The Moderators' Decision is Final.
Some explanation:

Do not request video streams in the match thread.
There is a specific thread for requesting video streams. This is not allowed in match threads because it clutters the thread with discussions about a stream. Often these discussions keep coming in every page as people don't check previous pages, and clutter other discussions about the actual game. Please only use the streams thread for requesting match streams which will make it centralized and easier for everyone to watch the game.

Do not go off-topic.
It is very important for us to stay on-topic and discuss only the issue at hand. While it is inevitable that a post or two will go off-topic due to a related issue or a humorous post (which we don't mind), it's important to get the thread back on topic and focus the discussion.

Do not post too many one-liners.
While everyone can post the occasional one-liner, we prefer to see quality posts which have some content. It is not allowed to simply post as many one-liners as you can in all the threads to boost your post count. The post count is not a high score in a game.

Do not insult other members in any way.
Any personal insults against another member will not be tolerated. Sometimes an insult is intended as humour, but if it might be confused for a real insult then stay on the safe side and don't post it. We want to create an environment where everybody feels safe to share their opinions without being attacked. You may disagree with someone on his views and fiercely debate, but this does mean you can attack them personally. Criticize someone's posts but not do not criticize the person.

Do not respond to insults or bicker endlessly with another member.
We appreciate that anyone who is personally insulted might feel the need to retaliate. Please trust the moderators to do their job and only report the post to us. Back and forth insults and not constructive in any way and will only spiral out of control. Bickering about a specific issue as well is not constructive, and we encourage everyone sometimes to "Agree to Disagree" instead of arguing back and forth with the same person about the same issue forever.

Do not advertise, spam, or link to other football forums.
We allow posting links to other websites in reasonable amounts. As long as the link doesn't involve a football forum, you may have the link placed in your signature. However, do not register on FI just to advertise your site. As above, you will be banned if such motives are clear.

Do not use extremely foul and vulgar language.
Vulgarities are allowed on this forum, but not to an extreme. The moderators will decide what is deemed extreme, so if you are in doubt don't use vulgarities. Other users will also take you more seriously if you make your point without using vulgar words. A related note about language is to post in English. If you wish to make comments in your native language, you may do so for a couple of lines or a few posts. Self moderation is a requirement here - anything more than a few posts will disrupt the flow of the thread and generate confusion amongst its members.

Do not insult Inter if you are not an Inter fan.
Even as a member of the forums, please remember that you are posting in your capacity as a non-Inter fan. We expect you to maintain a form of respect toward the club and its fans. If your sole mission on FI is to bait the fans or to bash the club, we will not hesitate to ban you from the forums. This is an Inter forum created as a haven for all Inter fans around the world, but we believe that our community is welcoming of other fans.

Do not be racist.
Racism in any way, shape, or form will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban with no questions asked.

No politics allowed.

We will not allow any political discussions , whether related to the club and football is irrelevant. We closed to the political section for a reason.
The Moderators' Decision is Final.
Trust the moderators to do their job. Do not act as an authority and personally deal with infractions because that might increase tension and clutter the thread. However do report any posts immediately using the "Report Post" button next the the infringing post so that the moderators can take a look at it.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your time at Forza Inter Forums.